Slang stroke book means

stroke book means: A pornographic book or magazine.

What is the slang definition/meaning of stroke book?

stroke book means: A pornographic book or magazine.

Meaning of stroke book slang

Slang: stroke book means: A pornographic book or magazine.

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Meaning of STROKE BOOK

STROKE BOOK means: Stroke book is slang for a pornographic publication.

Meaning of stroke book

stroke book means: A pornographic book or magazine.

Meaning of STROKE

STROKE means: Stroke is slang for masturbate.Stroke is slang for a liberty, an underhand trick.Stroke is American slang for pornographic; masturbatory.

Meaning of Book (Book-It)

Book (Book-It) means: To leave a place in a hurry or abruptly. Also known as 'jamming' (to jam). Example: "We had to book on over to the south side and book on back in record time."

Meaning of Comb the Cat

Comb the Cat means: When flogging a seaman, to run the fingers through the Cat-O'-Nine-Tails after each stroke to separate the strands in preparation for the next stroke.

Meaning of Stroke

Stroke means: In a sentence an Australian says "stroke" not slash

Meaning of PULL A STROKE

PULL A STROKE means: Pull a stroke is British slang for to succeed in a clever manoeuvre or deception.

Meaning of Book

Book means: Leave, get out As in "I gotta book." "Let's book outta here." "Where's Jason?" "He booked."

Meaning of Log Book

Log Book means: In the early days of sailing ships, the ship's records were written on shingles cut from logs. These shingles were hinged and opened like a book. The record was called the "log book". Later on, when paper was readily available and bound into books, the record maintained its name.

Meaning of Tally Book

Tally Book means: Book in which is kept a reckoning of items of cargo received or discharged from a hatch or vessel.

Meaning of Prayer Book

Prayer Book means: A packet of papers used to roll cigarettes. Also called a "dream book" or a "bible."

Meaning of Book

Book means: To leave or move in a hurry. "I've gotta book. I'll catch you later" or "Some guys were really booking down the street last night."

Meaning of Bible

Bible means: A small packet of papers used to roll cigarettes. Also called a "dream book" or a "prayer book."

Meaning of DO THE BOOK

DO THE BOOK means: Do the book to is American slang for to serve a life sentence.

Meaning of WISH BOOK

WISH BOOK means: Wish book is American slang for a mail−order catalogue.

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Meaning of CUFF LINK

CUFF LINK means: Cuff link is Australian rhyming slang for a drink.

Meaning of CUMULOT

CUMULOT means: Cumulot is British slang for to ejaculate.

Meaning of brass

brass means: Noun. 1. Money. 2. Prostitute. Short for brass nail, rhyming slang for tail, which is itself slang for, amongst other things, a woman and prostitute.

Meaning of skypilot

skypilot means: Noun. A priest, vicar or similar preacher of religion.

Meaning of buck

buck means: A dollar. He only got 50 bucks for that old heap of his.

Meaning of redneck

redneck means: Insulting term for someone from "deep south" of USA so by extension anyone who you think is uneducated and possibly engaged to their brother/sister *(just like his/her mother/father).

Meaning of 66

66 means: Anal intercourse - from the way the two 'curves' of the numbers fit.

Meaning of Dicker

Dicker means: Barter, trade.

Meaning of UYDSOU

Meaning of UOMAOKO

Meaning of GRAURIEZ

Meaning of AOCHOUKYE

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