Slang sweets means

sweets means: A sweetheart, lover; a term of endearment.

What is the slang definition/meaning of sweets?

sweets means: A sweetheart, lover; a term of endearment.

Meaning of sweets slang

Slang: sweets means: A sweetheart, lover; a term of endearment.

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Meaning of chomps

chomps means: Sweets, used as "Got any chomps?", or "Gi'us some o' yer chomps eh??" Originally a chocolate bar with fudge inside that cost 10p. Came to be known as sweets in general..

Meaning of pastille

pastille means: n a small candy. I don’t know enough about candy to be more specific. A while ago the word was used to refer to cough drops, but now Brits largely call those “lozenges” or “throat sweets.” The main use of the word now is in the branded chewy sweets made by Rowntree called Fruit Pastilles.

Meaning of sweets

sweets means: Amphetamine

Meaning of SWEETS

SWEETS means: amphetamine

Meaning of bonbec 

bonbec  means: candy; sweets

Meaning of dods

dods means: Sweets, esp. cheap ones

Meaning of spogs

spogs means: Sweets, lollies, confectionery.

Meaning of germs (2)

germs (2) means: Sweets (or 'lollies' in some parts of Aust.)

Meaning of gibbers

gibbers means: Sweets, or lollies in some parts of Aust.

Meaning of sweets

sweets means: A sweetheart, lover; a term of endearment.

Meaning of bosh

bosh means: Description for ones favourite sweets, crisps & pop.

Meaning of snashters

snashters means: Noun. Sweets, confectionary. [Strathclyde use]

Meaning of ket

ket means: Noun. Sweets, confectionary, candy. [North-east use]

Meaning of gobstopper

gobstopper means: n jawbreaker. Very hard sweets intended to break the jaw of the consumer, or at least cause severe injury.

Meaning of jamboree bag

jamboree bag means: Also known as 'lucky bags'. Inexpensive pre-packed bag of sweets of various kinds - often included a toy or "charm".

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Meaning of wanker

wanker means: An idiot

Meaning of Throw a Wobbler

Throw a Wobbler means: Drunk

Meaning of dey

dey means: they

Meaning of bonkers

bonkers means: Crazy, insane. That noise they call music is driving me bonkers.

Meaning of Joe

Joe means: Form of address to an unknown male. Hey Joe, what's up.

Meaning of ringpiece

ringpiece means: Arsehole, idiot.

Meaning of BAND WAGON

BAND WAGON means: Pay car or pay train from which wages were handed out to railroad employees

Meaning of Flue Faker

Flue Faker means:   Chimney sweep

Meaning of bender

bender means: sixpence (6d) Another slang term with origins in the 1800s when the coins were actually solid silver, from the practice of testing authenticity by biting and bending the coin, which would being made of near-pure silver have been softer than the fakes.

Meaning of JYSHIU

Meaning of TYOXOAZ

Meaning of ASAIMOIK

Meaning of HAIHEYBIE

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