Slang Atlanta special means

Atlanta special means: Coca-Cola

What is the slang definition/meaning of Atlanta special?

Atlanta special means: Coca-Cola

Meaning of Atlanta special slang

Slang: Atlanta special means: Coca-Cola

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Meaning of Atlanta special

Atlanta special means: Coca-Cola

Meaning of Atlanta special

Atlanta special means: Coca-Cola

Meaning of MARTA

MARTA means: Metro Atlanta Regional Transit Authority. Or as it's sometimes known: Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.

Meaning of SPECIAL

SPECIAL means: Special is Australian slang for a convict given special treatment on account of his education, social class, etc.

Meaning of spesh

spesh means: Derived from Special ala Bruce McAveny's "that's special!" exclamations. Used to describe the roach/end of a spliff, as it tastes so very special. Used as in: "Who wants spesh?" or "I'll take spesh"

Meaning of Willy B.

Willy B. means: famous gorilla from the Atlanta Zoo

Meaning of Blue-plate special

Blue-plate special means: A daily special of meat, potatoes and a vegetable

Meaning of Blue-plate special

Blue-plate special means: A daily special of meat, potatoes and a vegetable

Meaning of CE 

CE  means: (acr.) (n.) Collector's Edition. A special retail version that comes with special items.

Meaning of specials

specials means: Often a synonym for "disabled" (mentally or physically) people. Possibly from phrases such as "He's a special person", "He goes to the special school".

Meaning of Fancy Dins

Fancy Dins means: A special meal put on for a special time.

Meaning of window licker

window licker means: A spacker, Comes from the "special" people who ride on "special" buses, sitting on the bus, face leant against the glass, tongue hanging out.

Meaning of Special Sea Dutymen

Special Sea Dutymen means: A group of sailors with special duties that are involved in certain evolutions of the ship, such as anchoring, close-quarter maneuvering and coming alongside. The slang term used by the crew is "Specials".

Meaning of SPECIAL K

SPECIAL K means: Special K is slang for ketamine.


CALIFORNIA SPECIAL means: California special is American numismatic slang for an artificially enhanced coin.

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Meaning of GHOST

GHOST means: Ghost is slang for someone who rarely makes an appearance. Ghost is derogatory slang for a white person.Ghost ius slang for to move silently.Ghost is British slang for a Muslim woman dressed in a white burka.


KNOCK AT THE DOOR means: Knock at the door is bingo slang for the number four.

Meaning of Get Your P45

Get Your P45 means: Get stressed, annoyed, angry

Meaning of dirty brown

dirty brown means: bad weed/marijuana. 

Meaning of stinger

stinger means: An exclamation used to acknowledge the pain or anguish of a second party, though often that pain may well have been brought about by the first party themselves. For example, when changing after PE, when some amount of bare skin was inevitable, a person might issue a resounding and painful slap to the bare back of a contemporary, leaving a large red hand mark and bringing about a squeal of pain. "Stinger!" the slapper might then say, as if to sympathise with their agony. It was also used to acknowledge pain that was merely witnessed, not caused. Say, for example, if you saw someone go over their handle bars at 30mph or take a cricket ball full pelt to the bridge of the nose, "Stinger!" you'd announce, with a heavy emphasis on the first syllable. "Stinger" was also used in constructions such as: "Stinger for you!" and the stranger "Stinger for YOUR head!!!".

Meaning of Blonde with sand

Blonde with sand means: Coffee with cream and sugar

Meaning of AGONIES

AGONIES means: withdrawal symptoms

Meaning of BLUE SAGE

BLUE SAGE means: marijuana

Meaning of KILLER WEED

KILLER WEED means: marijuana

Meaning of OOLTYG

Meaning of AILSAIK

Meaning of TIEWHUYS

Meaning of RIATHEAXO

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