Slang Balloon juice means

Balloon juice means: Seltzer or soda water

What is the slang definition/meaning of Balloon juice?

Balloon juice means: Seltzer or soda water

Meaning of Balloon juice slang

Slang: Balloon juice means: Seltzer or soda water

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BALLOON JUICE means: Balloon Juice is American tramp slang for idle talk

Meaning of BALLOON

BALLOON means: Balloon is slang for safe sex.Balloon is slang for to try a new idea.Balloon is American gambling slang for one hundred dollars.Balloon is American slang for a bed roll.Balloon is drugs slang for to package narcotics for distribution and sale.

Meaning of Balloon juice

Balloon juice means: Seltzer or soda water

Meaning of Balloon juice

Balloon juice means: Seltzer or soda water

Meaning of BALLOON CAR

BALLOON CAR means: Balloon car is London Cockney rhyming slang for saloon bar.

Meaning of balloon

balloon means: Heroin supplier; a penny balloon that contains narcotics

Meaning of JUICE

JUICE means: Juice is slang for electrical power.Juice is American slang for alcoholic drink.Juice is American slang for gossip; interesting news.Juice is American slang for buyers commission payable at an auction.

Meaning of Balloon lungs

Balloon lungs means: A brass man with plenty of wind.That cat must have "balloon lungs," Stix said he held that note for three and half minutes!"


BALLOON SOUP means: Balloon soup was early th century American slang for nonsense, empty talk.


BALLOON ROOM means: Balloon room is Black−American slang for the place where marijuana is smoked

Meaning of JUICE

JUICE means: Electricity. Juice fan is one who makes a hobby out of electric railways (juice lines)

Meaning of Balloon Car

Balloon Car means: Saloon Bar. I'll be at the balloon.

Meaning of poof juice *

poof juice * means: Noun. 1. An alcopop drink, a very sweet ready-mixed fruit drink containing alcohol. Called poof juice supposedly because homosexuals (poofs), not real men, consume such drinks. 2. Aftershave. * Also, less commonly, poofter juice.

Meaning of JOY JUICE

JOY JUICE means: Joy juice is slang for an alcoholic drink. Joy juice is slang for semen.

Meaning of juice

juice means: Electricity. Marty has enough juice in city hall that he never pays a parking ticket.

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BUMP TUMMIES means: Bump tummies is slang for to have sex.

Meaning of SCRAN

SCRAN means: Scran is British slang for food.Scran is nautical slang for food scraps.

Meaning of up sticks

up sticks means: Verb. To move on, to settle or live elsewhere. {Informal}

Meaning of Klingons

Klingons means: Little lumps of poo that 'kling' on and don't fall from your arse after shitting,

Meaning of come off

come off means: To have an orgasm; ejaculate semen.

Meaning of Lord's supper

Lord's supper means: Bread and water

Meaning of Shake Down

Shake Down means: A cowboy's bedroll.


TOFFEE WHIZZ means: amphetamine

Meaning of brodown

brodown means: A boy's night out together. Never tangle with that broad; she's tough.

Meaning of IERDAO

Meaning of OJIERDA

Meaning of AYDRIYRS

Meaning of ZIUVEABAI

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