Slang Brown down means

Brown down means: Wheat toast

What is the slang definition/meaning of Brown down?

Brown down means: Wheat toast

Meaning of Brown down slang

Slang: Brown down means: Wheat toast

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Meaning of Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown means: Marijuana/weed that is not very potent or preferably good; usually brown in color, hence the term Bobby Brown.  "You wanna get high Johnny? I got some Bobby Brown." 

Meaning of brown sauce

brown sauce means: n Steak sauce. A mysterious thick brown sort of savoury sauce. Popularly added to burgers, chips and other pub-type food, brown sauce is more than ketchup and less chunky than the American “relish”. I believe it contains vinegar. And probably some other stuff. Also it is brown.

Meaning of BROWN

BROWN means: Brown is British slang for non−silver coins. Brown is British slang for the anus.Brown is British slang for excrement. Brown is slang for heroin.

Meaning of brown wings

brown wings means: Noun. Of males, getting one's brown wings denotes having had anal sex with someone. A play on the RAF expression earn one's wings. Brown is a commonly used term for things anal or of that part of the anatomy. Usually heard in phrases such as earn/get one's brown wings.

Meaning of brown-nose

brown-nose means: To toady. He gets low grades even though he brown-noses every teacher in school.


LITTLE BROWN JUG means: Little brown jug is London Cockney rhyming slang for a plug.

Meaning of brown

brown means: heroin from Mexico diluted with brown milk sugar (lactose), which is less pure than China white . Also called Mexican mud

Meaning of JOE BROWN

JOE BROWN means: Joe Brown is British rhyming slang for town.

Meaning of BROWN JOE

BROWN JOE means: Brown Joe is London Cockney rhyming slang for no.

Meaning of BROWN HAT

BROWN HAT means: Brown hat is London Cockney rhyming slang for cat.

Meaning of brown-nose

brown-nose means: Verb. To overly praise or behave sycophantically, i.e. to 'arse-lick'. E.g."Tom's in the manager's office brown-nosing - hoping to get that promotion."

Meaning of Mexican mud

Mexican mud means: brown heroin from Mexico. See brown

Meaning of BROWN SUGAR

BROWN SUGAR means: Brown sugar is slang for an attractive Black woman. Brown Sugar is slang for heroin.

Meaning of easy pink

easy pink means: Noun. Vaginal sex. Expression often used in conjunction with the terms difficult brown or tight brown, referring to anal sex. Euphemistic and based on references to the game of snooker.

Meaning of brown eye

brown eye means: Anus. In Australia it's also a verb. To 'chuck a brown eys' is similar to mooning in that you drop your faks and spread the cheeks of your bum in the direction of the person being 'mooned'. Is considered to be a gross instult - even when done by girls!

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Meaning of EAR−BANGER

EAR−BANGER means: Ear−banger is slang for someone who talks incessantly.

Meaning of Shaft

Shaft means: Self

Meaning of Sloshed

Sloshed means: - Yet another way to describe being drunk. Clearly we need a lot of ways to describe it since getting plastered is a national pastime.

Meaning of River Ouse

River Ouse means: Booze (Alcohol)

Meaning of Apple Peeler

Apple Peeler means: Pocket Knife

Meaning of DIFFS

DIFFS means: Dihydrocodeine

Meaning of ROSE MARIE

ROSE MARIE means: marijuana

Meaning of push off

push off means: To leave. We were going over Niagara Falls in a barrel but Jason punked out.

Meaning of rap session

rap session means: An informal conversation. I went to Grunelda's last night and we rapped for hours.

Meaning of ZYOWAI

Meaning of BYDRAED

Meaning of EAWHEYRS

Meaning of STYOKRYIL

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