Slang Belly cheat means

Belly cheat means: Apron

What is the slang definition/meaning of Belly cheat?

Belly cheat means: Apron

Meaning of Belly cheat slang

Slang: Belly cheat means: Apron

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Meaning of Belly cheat

Belly cheat means: Apron

Meaning of Belly cheat

Belly cheat means: Apron

Meaning of GO BELLY UP

GO BELLY UP means: Go belly up is slang for to die.Go belly up is slang for to fail, collapse, break down.Go belly up is slang for to give in, yield, submit.

Meaning of WHALE BELLY

WHALE BELLY means: Steel car, or type of coal car with drop bottom. Also called sow belly

Meaning of go belly up

go belly up means: Verb. To fail, to go bankrupt. E.g."The company went belly up after the rise in inflation."

Meaning of belly up

belly up means: (1) Usually taken to mean dead, defunct or out of commission. (2) In the USA it can also be used as a verb, e.g. 'Dude, let's belly up to the bar.'

Meaning of BELLY

BELLY means: Belly is Dorset slang for a bundle of thatch.

Meaning of go belly up

go belly up means: To fail or go bankrupt. The company went belly up under his management.


POSSUM BELLY means: Possum belly is American tramp slang for to ride on top of a passenger train

Meaning of fiddle

fiddle means: Verb. To cheat. Noun. A fraud or cheat. {Informal}

Meaning of SOW−BELLY

SOW−BELLY means: Sow−belly is American slang for salted side of pork.


BELLY FIDDLER means: Belly fiddler is Black−American slang for guitar.

Meaning of BIG−BELLY

BIG−BELLY means: Big−belly is Jamaican slang for greedy.

Meaning of BALI BELLY

BALI BELLY means: Bali belly is Australian slang for diarrhoea.

Meaning of whistle belly thumps

whistle belly thumps means: Stomach aches associated with diarrhoea; "Those green apples I ate are giving me the whistle belly thumps."

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Meaning of CORK UP

CORK UP means: Cork up is British slang for keep quiet.


OLD IRON AND BRASS means: Old iron and brass is London Cockney rhyming slang for grass. Old iron and brass is British military rhyming slang for a pass.

Meaning of SCRUBBER

SCRUBBER means: Scrubber is slang for a vulgar, coarse and sexually amenable or promiscuous woman. Scrubber isAustralian and New Zealand sport slang for a non−professional competitor.

Meaning of kipper feet

kipper feet means: Noun. Feet that point outwards.

Meaning of Bloody

Bloody means: - One of the most useful swear words in English. Mostly used as an exclamation of surprise i.e. "bloody hell" or "bloody nora". Something may be "bloody marvellous" or "bloody awful". It is also used to emphasise almost anything, "you're bloody mad", "not bloody likely" and can also be used in the middle of other words to emphasise them. E.g. "Abso-bloody-lutely"! Americans should avoid saying "bloody" as they sound silly.

Meaning of LIME ACID


Meaning of fong

fong means: a leather bootlace made from deerskin

Meaning of Way to go!

Way to go! means: Good going, nice job. He pounded beers all night and came home wasted.

Meaning of EOMSEO

Meaning of UEZIUFT

Meaning of THEOPHOE

Meaning of OAXAUTCHI

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