Slang Fifty-one means

Fifty-one means: Hot chocolate

What is the slang definition/meaning of Fifty-one?

Fifty-one means: Hot chocolate

Meaning of Fifty-one slang

Slang: Fifty-one means: Hot chocolate

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Meaning of ir a medias

ir a medias means: go Dutch; go fifty-fifty. (used in Spain)

Meaning of Major Stevens

Major Stevens means: Evens (Fifty-Fifty Bet)

Meaning of FIFTY WINKS

FIFTY WINKS means: Fifty winks is British slang for death.

Meaning of luv

luv means: n honey; darlin’. A term of endearing address used predominantly by shop staff. You’d hear “that’ll be four fifty, luv” in very similar circumstances to those in which you’d hear “that’ll be four fifty, honey” in the U.S. It doesn’t mean they love you, in either case.

Meaning of half, half a bar/half a sheet/half a nicker

half, half a bar/half a sheet/half a nicker means: ten shillings (10/-), from the 1900s, and to a lesser degree after decimalisation, fifty pence (50p), based on the earlier meanings of bar and sheet for a pound. Half is also used as a logical prefix for many slang words which mean a pound, to form a slang expresion for ten shillings and more recently fifty pence (50p), for example and most popularly, 'half a nicker', 'half a quid', etc. The use of the word 'half' alone to mean 50p seemingly never gaught on, unless anyone can confirm otherwise.

Meaning of Fifty-one

Fifty-one means: Hot chocolate

Meaning of ONE-FIFTY-ONE

ONE-FIFTY-ONE means: crack

Meaning of FIFTY-ONE

FIFTY-ONE means: crack

Meaning of Fifty-one

Fifty-one means: Hot chocolate

Meaning of Vappy

Vappy means: Fifty pounds

Meaning of Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven means: Fifty pounds

Meaning of Fifty-five

Fifty-five means: Glass of root beer

Meaning of Cow's Calf

Cow's Calf means: Half (Fifty Pence)

Meaning of Fifty-five

Fifty-five means: Glass of root beer

Meaning of out

out means: Out of fashion. Hoop skirts have been out for fifty years.

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Meaning of FRUITY

FRUITY means: Fruity is British slang for sexually suggestive. Fruity is American slang for eccentric or insane.

Meaning of LEFT FOOTER

LEFT FOOTER means: Left footer is British slang for a catholic.

Meaning of RIFF

RIFF means: Riff is slang for a short, repeated sequence of musical notes, usually played on a guitar.

Meaning of YAWN

YAWN means: Yawn is slang for something boring, dull, uninspiring.

Meaning of Crikey

Crikey means: Stylish shoes (normally trainers)

Meaning of LWYS

LWYS means: Look What You Started

Meaning of kick the gong (around)

kick the gong (around) means: to smoke opium (especially in a Chinese opium den )

Meaning of yuck

yuck means: to vomit

Meaning of Coiner

Coiner means:     A coin counterfeiter

Meaning of PTUEZI

Meaning of ITHAEST

Meaning of TUIBEAPT

Meaning of AYLSEYFTY

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