Slang FLEA BITE means

FLEA BITE means: Flea bite is British slang for a small, irritating person.

What is the slang definition/meaning of FLEA BITE?

FLEA BITE means: Flea bite is British slang for a small, irritating person.

Meaning of FLEA BITE slang

Slang: FLEA BITE means: Flea bite is British slang for a small, irritating person.

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Meaning of FLEA BITE

FLEA BITE means: Flea bite is British slang for a small, irritating person.

Meaning of BITE

BITE means: Bite is slang for to be taken in by something. Bite is slang for to copy or plagarise.Bite is slang for an instance of coercion, taking money by force.

Meaning of bite it

bite it means: From 'the old days' where the expression was "Bite the dust" it's developed to mean get hurt (badly?) after a fall or accident of some kind, e.g. "I told him he'd bite it if he tried to grind that rail! Now he's mashed his nose!"

Meaning of FLEA BAG

FLEA BAG means: Flea bag is London Cockney rhyming slang for an old horse (nag).

Meaning of BUG AND FLEA

BUG AND FLEA means: Bug and flea is London Cockney rhyming slang for tea.

Meaning of Bite the bullet

Bite the bullet means: To bravely face up to something unpleasant, one is said to "bite the bullet". This originated from the practice of giving sailors and soldiers a bullet to bite during amputations or other surgery before the use of anesthetics.


FLEA AND LOUSE means: Flea and louse is London Cockney rhyming slang for house.


FLEA'S FOOTPATH means: Flea's footpath is British slang for a parting in the hair.

Meaning of horse bite

horse bite means: Usually a male thing. Is a hard pinch on bare thighs (when in short pants); e.g. "Give in or I'll give you a horse bite". What distinguishes a horse bite from a regular pinch is that, rather than using the thumb and forefinger, the flesh is grasped between the palm of the hand and all of the fingers.

Meaning of FLEA RAKER

FLEA RAKER means: Flea raker is British slang for a combe.

Meaning of Bite

Bite means: An anchor is said to bite when the flukes dig themselves into the ground and hold firm without dragging.


BITE THE BULLET means: Bite the bulletis British slang for to suffer without complaint.

Meaning of bite it

bite it means: v. To trip or fall down, usually hurting oneself.  "Did you see Bobby bite it when he was trying to hop that rail?" 

Meaning of PUT THE BITE ON

PUT THE BITE ON means: Put the bite on is slang for to pressurise someone, especially for repayment of a loan of money.

Meaning of Bite Me

Bite Me means: Means buzz off or go away, ie. "You're such a geek!" "Like, bite me, dude!" Heard it the first time in the eighties, but then again, was a teenager and learned a lot of new expressions obviously...

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POTATO MASHERS means: Potato mashers is London Cockney rhyming slang for teeth (gnashers).

Meaning of RIGHTEOUS

RIGHTEOUS means: Righteous is American slang for excellent; of good quality; of the preferred type.

Meaning of X−AMOUNT

X−AMOUNT means: X−amount is Jamaican slang for an unspecified amount.

Meaning of all over the shop

all over the shop means: Phrs. 1. In a mess, out of order, disorganized. 2. Everywhere. E.g."I've been all over the shop this morning and I can't find her anywhere."

Meaning of rug rat

rug rat means: Small child. Pam is married now, with two rug rats.

Meaning of Younger

Younger means: Sibling, someone younger than you; someone you protect

Meaning of Monkeyboy

Monkeyboy means: People once believed, because of their high cranium, blacks were close cousins to primates.

Meaning of beat it

beat it means: To leave. Let's beat feet out of here.

Meaning of EIGYAX

Meaning of SOIKYOZ

Meaning of THUAPEWA

Meaning of EAMSAYJEU

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