Slang Cool Man! means

Cool Man! means: equivalent to right on or sweet

What is the slang definition/meaning of Cool Man!?

Cool Man! means: equivalent to right on or sweet

Meaning of Cool Man! slang

Slang: Cool Man! means: equivalent to right on or sweet

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Meaning of cool

cool means: adj 1. a. Excellent; first-rate: had a cool time at the party. b. Acceptable; satisfactory: It's cool if you don't want to talk about it. 2. Entire; full: worth a cool million. Idioms:cool it 1. To calm down; relax. 2. To stop doing something.

Meaning of cool

cool means: If someone's cool, they've got style and they're relaxed. If something's cool, everyone likes it.

Meaning of slick, slickin' it up

slick, slickin' it up means: Being immensly cool, something that is the height of cool and the best. Slickin' it up, said to show approval of oneself or someone who is being cool.

Meaning of Bomb

Bomb means: (1)Adj. Something favorable. See Also: Wicked, Way Cool, Trippendicular, Totally Tubular, Totally Awesome, The Joint, Rippen, Major, Killer, Def, Cool, Cool Beans, Bitchin', Bad, Awesome.

Meaning of Cool

Cool means: A restrained approach to music. A superlative which has gained wide acceptance outside of jazz.That cat Miles Davis plays some "cool" jazz. That cat Miles, is "cool."

Meaning of cool it

cool it means: Request for a behaviour to be stopped. For example "Cool it you guys - the teachers coming down the corridor."


COOL A SPINDLE means: Cool a hotbox by replacing the brass or putting water on the bearing

Meaning of cool

cool means: All told, every bit of. He made a cool million (dollars) in the animal waste business.

Meaning of cool

cool means: To kill. He made a cool million (dollars) in the animal waste business.

Meaning of cool wit dat

cool wit dat means: Completely pointless expression meaning... wait for it... "Cool with that". Wow - impressive eh?

Meaning of Druggies

Druggies means: This is for your "clique" section. They dressed all in black, partied hard, were too cool for the cool crowd.

Meaning of Zen

Zen means: means at peace, totally cool with one self,u could say words such as watever. thats cool, . seen it on that 70's show "steven hyde"

Meaning of COOL

COOL means: Cool is American slang for calm; fine, acceptable; Neat; exciting; interesting; very good.

Meaning of cool it

cool it means: To calm down. Look, the boat is sinking. We need a cool head in charge.

Meaning of I'm cool,

I'm cool, means:   (im kool)  Phrase meaning “don't count me in.”  “She said she wanted to give him my number, and I said, I’m cool.”  [Etym., Hip hop]

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Meaning of DUMBO

DUMBO means: Dumbo is slang for a stupid person.

Meaning of wrenched

wrenched means: Drunk, intoxicated. She was so wrenched she couldn't even find the john.

Meaning of Durex

Durex means: n condom. In the U.K., Durex is a large (possibly the largest, I’m not sure) manufacturer of condoms, and the brand name once slipped into the language (no pun intended). The term is actually becoming less common these days. A very similar thing happened in the U.S. with “Trojan.” As an aside, Durex, to an Australian, is sticky-tape (a.k.a. Scotch tape). I don’t know if they use it as a contraceptive, and I don’t wish to think about it any further.

Meaning of beaner

beaner means: Mexican. Considered to be offensive. Used often by US Marine Corp

Meaning of road kid

road kid means: Homosexual hitchhiker using prostitution to travel.

Meaning of chit

chit means: a child

Meaning of GLOECH

Meaning of GLAUPUA

Meaning of AIHAEGHA

Meaning of SHIODEELS

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