Slang Deadhead means

Deadhead means: a grateful dead fan

What is the slang definition/meaning of Deadhead?

Deadhead means: a grateful dead fan

Meaning of Deadhead slang

Slang: Deadhead means: a grateful dead fan

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Meaning of DEADHEAD

DEADHEAD means: Deadhead is slang for a very stupid, lifeless, boring person. Deadhead is slang for a fan of the rock group 'The Grateful Dead'.Deadhead is American slang for to drive a vehicle empty or without passengers.

Meaning of Deadhead

Deadhead means: (1) Driftwood. (2) To travel as a deadhead, or non-paying passenger.

Meaning of Deadhead

Deadhead means: a grateful dead fan

Meaning of Dill brain

Dill brain means: A stupid or foolish person. See above "Deadhead"

Meaning of DEADHEAD

DEADHEAD means: Employee riding on a pass; any nonpaying passenger. Also fireman's derisive term for head brakeman who rides engine cab. Also a locomotive being hauled "dead" on a train

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Meaning of BOOTFACE

BOOTFACE means: Bootface is British slang for a miserable face.

Meaning of BUGS IN THE RUG

BUGS IN THE RUG means: Bugs in the rug is nursing slang for pubic lice.


CHEESECAKE means: Cheesecake is slang for women displayed for their sex appeal, as in photographs in magazines, newspapers, or films. Cheesecake is slang for pin−up pictures.

Meaning of KID'S STUFF

KID'S STUFF means: Kid's stuff is slang for something considered fit only for children.

Meaning of Pound sign

Pound sign means: Ever wondered why Brits flounder when voicemail messages say to press the pound sign? What on earth is the British currency doing on a phone anyway? Well, it isn't. To a Brit, the pound sign is the wiggly thing we use to denote the UK pound (or quid), in the same way you have a dollar sign.

Meaning of tea-towel

tea-towel means: n dish-towel; dish-cloth. The thing you use to dry the dishes if you don’t have a dishwasher. It’s my belief that dishwashers are the most important invention of the twentieth century. Perhaps it’ll be your belief too, now.

Meaning of ummaa

ummaa means: usually used when witnessing of hearing of another's wrong doing. eg Someone drops a glass of milk: "Ummaa, look what you did." A kid might punch another: "Umma, I'm dobbing.", used heaps!!! often by itself usually puts the speaker in a place of authority: they know it was wrong and that knowledge is power.

Meaning of JOLLY POP

JOLLY POP means: casual user of heroin

Meaning of Inky

Inky means: Referring to the color of skin. Used mainly by darker-skinned Blacks to lighter-skinned Blacks. Also Ink Baby or Inkspot.

Meaning of CYWHIU

Meaning of CIYDOIJ

Meaning of EEWHIYCH

Meaning of IOCIISUEW

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