Slang Dude means

Dude means: friend home

What is the slang definition/meaning of Dude?

Dude means: friend home

Meaning of Dude slang

Slang: Dude means: friend home

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Meaning of Dude!

Dude! means: used at the beginning of an exclamation or a question. i.e. "Dude! Look at that hot guy!" or "Dude, have you seen my bag?" can be used for male or female.

Meaning of Dude, Get a boner!

Dude, Get a boner! means: To be said if possible using an America accent (if you are not American) It is a dismissive term that basically means "go away." If you drop the "Dude" you don't have to say it with a US accent.It started off with a dude in it, and sounds better in a US accent, thats why its in that. The sentence sounds ok without the dude in your own accent. Scotland, 2003,

Meaning of dude

dude means: (1) general term for almost any person. (2) used as 'skill' with similar response that the person who had said "dude" is promptly be told that a 'dude' was actually the arse hair of a camel. (ed: hey - wonder if '2' is really true)

Meaning of DUDE

DUDE means: Dude is American slang for a person, especially a male.

Meaning of dude

dude means: Form of address to a male. Hey, dude, what's happening?

Meaning of Dude!!!

Dude!!! means: dude a word they used to also define cool,sweet and so on

Meaning of Dude

Dude means: A way to address someone: Dude, thats totally awesome

Meaning of Dude

Dude means: (dood) n.,  A man, friend.  Someone fastidious in dress and manner.  “Hey, dude, let’s get going.”  v., To dress up.  “I am going to get duded up.”  [Etym., 70’s youth]

Meaning of Swirly

Swirly means: Noun: The practice of dunking another (geeky) person's head in the toilet and flushing. "Dude, I totally gave that geek a swirly!" "No way!" "Way, dude..." "Awesome!"

Meaning of Dude!!!!

Dude!!!! means: a girl or a guy!!!!Dude!!!

Meaning of Buds

Buds means: (1)Noun. Marijuana or Pot. Gnarly buds, Dude!" Mostly used by stoner and surfer stereotypes. Skater (1)Noun. used to identify someone who acts like they're working hard, but they are hardly working. ie. "Dude, you're such a skater!"

Meaning of What's Up, Dude

What's Up, Dude means: what are you doing, how are you doing, or just HEY!!!

Meaning of Yeah

Yeah means: right on dudE!

Meaning of What's Happenin'

What's Happenin' means: see What's Up, Dude

Meaning of Dude

Dude means: "Man" "Guy" person.

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Meaning of SANCTIFY

SANCTIFY means: Sanctify is slang for blackmailing a diplomat for the extortion of political favours.


STINKY FINGER means: Stinky finger is slang for the manual manipulation of a woman's genitals.

Meaning of Muzzle

Muzzle means: Loiter.

Meaning of CO-PILOT

CO-PILOT means: amphetamine

Meaning of KING IVORY

KING IVORY means: fentanyl

Meaning of Lil

Lil means: Little

Meaning of hotdog

hotdog means: To show off. Selma seemed hot to trot last night.

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