Slang FLICK ONE'S WICK means

FLICK ONE'S WICK means: Flick one's wick is New Zealand slang for to hurry up.

What is the slang definition/meaning of FLICK ONE'S WICK?

FLICK ONE'S WICK means: Flick one's wick is New Zealand slang for to hurry up.

Meaning of FLICK ONE'S WICK slang

Slang: FLICK ONE'S WICK means: Flick one's wick is New Zealand slang for to hurry up.

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FLICK ONE'S WICK means: Flick one's wick is New Zealand slang for to hurry up.

Meaning of Hampton Wick

Hampton Wick means: Prick. He gets on my wick. Don't even try to understand this one - just accept it

Meaning of GET ON ONE'S WICK

GET ON ONE'S WICK means: Get on one's wick is British slang for to irritate or annoy.

Meaning of WICK

WICK means: Wick is British slang for the penis.


HACKNEY WICK means: Hackney Wick is London Cockney rhyming slang for the penis (prick).


HAMPTON WICK means: Hampton Wick is London Cockney rhyming slang for prick (penis).

Meaning of flick

flick means: A movie. I haven't seen a good flick in a long time.

Meaning of FLICK

FLICK means: Flick is slang for a cinema film.

Meaning of chick flick

chick flick means: Noun. A film (flick), often romantic and with a happy ending, and typically enjoyed by females (chick).

Meaning of SKIN FLICK

SKIN FLICK means: Skin flick is slang for a film containing much nudity and explicit sex for sensational purposes.

Meaning of DIP ONE'S WICK

DIP ONE'S WICK means: Dip one's wick is slang for to have sex.

Meaning of vees (flick the ...)

vees (flick the ...) means: "Flick the vees". To stick your two fingers up at someone in an manner meant to be insulting.

Meaning of Flick

Flick means: to give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it/him/her.

Meaning of Wicked

Wicked means: Something so very cool, usually expressed as like "That's so wicked cool!" also heard expressed as 'Wick' as in "You're new car is wick, man!"

Meaning of dip one's wick

dip one's wick means: To have sex. A male expression.

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Meaning of THATCHER

THATCHER means: Thatcher was English slang for a pound coin.

Meaning of wedge

wedge means: Noun. Money, usually implying a large amount.

Meaning of your mum!

your mum! means: Exclam. A general insult, used as an angry or disagreeable response to another's comment.

Meaning of I'm stuffed

I'm stuffed means: Australian slang - "I'm f**ked".

Meaning of Leet

Leet means: See "1337"

Meaning of dosh

dosh means: n money. A fairly London-based term until being popularised by the Harry Enfield pop song “Loadsamoney.”

Meaning of Plates And Dishes

Plates And Dishes means: Missus

Meaning of Linsey Woolsey

Linsey Woolsey means: A corruption of linen and wool. Material made of linen and wool mixed, light or coarse stuff. "He gave them coats of linsey woolsey, which were good and warm for winter, and good and light for summer.

Meaning of Whacker

Whacker means: Anything very large, same as a "whopper."

Meaning of BIG 8

BIG 8 means: 1/8 kilogram of crack

Meaning of IINGEY

Meaning of KUOKIAJ

Meaning of AYNSOIRO

Meaning of ZUAFAOVEI

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