Slang Goon means

Goon means: a nerd

What is the slang definition/meaning of Goon?

Goon means: a nerd

Meaning of Goon slang

Slang: Goon means: a nerd

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Meaning of GOON

GOON means: Goon is slang for a foolish, clumsy or clown−like person. Goon is slang for a thug.Goon is slang for phencyclidine.

Meaning of goon

goon means: n. A gangster, a very obnoxious and independent person, usually someone who is from the streets.  "You know why Corey always gets into a fight when he goes to the park; cause he’s a crazy a** goon." 

Meaning of GOON SQUAD

GOON SQUAD means: Goon squad is slang for a group of thugs enlisted to intimidate someone.

Meaning of goon

goon means: PCP

Meaning of GOON

GOON means: PCP

Meaning of GOON DUST


Meaning of Goon

Goon means: Thug

Meaning of goon dust

goon dust means: PCP

Meaning of Goon

Goon means: a nerd



Meaning of Goon Up

Goon Up means: Screw up.

Meaning of Goon

Goon means: Going hard as a motherf**ker.

Meaning of goon

goon means: A stupid thug or bodyguard. He gone goofy over Alice.

Meaning of goon

goon means: Noun. A fool or objectionable person. Generally lighthearted use.

Meaning of goon

goon means: To fall or trip. The mob boss was accompanied by a couple of his goons.

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Meaning of BUMFACE

BUMFACE means: Bumface is a British slang term of abuse.

Meaning of chin-wag

chin-wag means: Noun. A conversation or chat. Verb. To chat, talk.

Meaning of stick one on someone

stick one on someone means: Vrb phrs. To hit or beat up someone. E.g."I'm going to stick one on him if he shows up tonight."

Meaning of Rat's Coffin

Rat's Coffin means: A meat pie

Meaning of hock

hock means: To pawn. Billy hocked his guitar to get his watch out of hock.

Meaning of epic fail

epic fail means: If a fail is a fail in life, then an epic fail is a fail of giant proportions. An epic fail can also refer to a task that is meant to be easy, but still wasn't carried out properly.  

Meaning of Blonde

Blonde means: Coffee with cream

Meaning of 4ever

4ever means: Forever

Meaning of OARSIC

Meaning of JUOROOZ

Meaning of PTEINUOL

Meaning of GRAURSIUG

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