Slang Outta Sight means

Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Outta Sight?

Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

Meaning of Outta Sight slang

Slang: Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

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Meaning of Copasetic

Copasetic means: Very satisfactory; see "outta sight"

Meaning of Outta Sight

Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

Meaning of outta sight, outtasight

outta sight, outtasight means: Way-cool, bitchin, good, pleasant etc.

Meaning of The Joint

The Joint means: Something that is way cool or outta sight: Billy Rays new Corvette is the Joint!

Meaning of SIGHT

SIGHT means: Sight is slang for a good deal, a large amount. Sight is slang for something shocking.Sight is Australian slang for to tolerate. Sight is Australian slang for to observe.


GET OUTTA HERE means: Get outta here is American slang for you must be kidding! Stop lying.

Meaning of out of sight

out of sight means: Excellent, outstanding. Hey Kalen, that tie-dyed top your wearing is out of sight.

Meaning of sight

sight means: a great quantity (used ironically “look at the sight of you”)

Meaning of OUT OF SIGHT

OUT OF SIGHT means: Out of sight is slang for extreme or very unusual.

Meaning of a primera vista

a primera vista means: at first sight; at first blush. (lit.: at first sight)

Meaning of Taking a Sight

Taking a Sight means: Thumbing your nose at a senior shipmate behind their back. It is reminiscent of a person taking a sight with a sextant, but it is not meant for navigation.

Meaning of Heave In Sight

Heave In Sight means: To come in sight, to appear. A nautical phrase that originated with approaching vessels which appeared to raise or heave itself above the horizon.

Meaning of LoS 

LoS  means: (acr.) (phrase) Line of Sight. Referring to the ability to see a target. Many spells and abilities require line of sight to use.

Meaning of a la vista

a la vista means: in view; in sight. (lit.: at the sight)

Meaning of Sight

Sight means: A nautical astronomical observation of the sun, moon, or a star, by which means a vessel's position can be determined. The sight was taken with a sextant at a specific time, determined by a chronometer.

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BROTHEL STOMPERS means: Brothel Stompers is American slang for shoes with thick crepe soles.


DO THE DIRTIES means: Do the dirties is American slang for to have unprotected sexual intercourse.

Meaning of JACK STRAW

JACK STRAW means: Jack Straw is British slang for an insubstantial man.

Meaning of TUN

TUN means: Tun is Dorset slang for a chimney.

Meaning of Gorby

Gorby means: tourist (derogatory) Origin: Banff, Alberta, Canada pre-world war 2.

Meaning of pad

pad means: An old school term still used in some parts for house.  "Yo lets go chill at my pad." 

Meaning of Pansey

Pansey means: Sissy. A coward.

Meaning of Crepes

Crepes means: shoes or trainers: “check out deez heavy crepes.” assume its as you ‘wrap your feet’ in them.

Meaning of Spike Team

Spike Team means: A wagon drawn by three horses, or by two oxen and a horse.

Meaning of Firme

Firme means: , (FEER-may)  adj.,  Strong, solid, loyal.  “You’re my firme bro, bro.”  [Etym., from Spanish, Chicano]

Meaning of YDIIRT

Meaning of OAFTAOM

Meaning of SHYIGHAO

Meaning of CEIPSOIPH

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