Slang Outta Sight means

Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Outta Sight?

Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

Meaning of Outta Sight slang

Slang: Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

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Meaning of Copasetic

Copasetic means: Very satisfactory; see "outta sight"

Meaning of Outta Sight

Outta Sight means: Like far-out. Very cool, good.

Meaning of outta sight, outtasight

outta sight, outtasight means: Way-cool, bitchin, good, pleasant etc.

Meaning of The Joint

The Joint means: Something that is way cool or outta sight: Billy Rays new Corvette is the Joint!

Meaning of SIGHT

SIGHT means: Sight is slang for a good deal, a large amount. Sight is slang for something shocking.Sight is Australian slang for to tolerate. Sight is Australian slang for to observe.


GET OUTTA HERE means: Get outta here is American slang for you must be kidding! Stop lying.

Meaning of out of sight

out of sight means: Excellent, outstanding. Hey Kalen, that tie-dyed top your wearing is out of sight.

Meaning of sight

sight means: a great quantity (used ironically “look at the sight of you”)

Meaning of OUT OF SIGHT

OUT OF SIGHT means: Out of sight is slang for extreme or very unusual.

Meaning of a primera vista

a primera vista means: at first sight; at first blush. (lit.: at first sight)

Meaning of Taking a Sight

Taking a Sight means: Thumbing your nose at a senior shipmate behind their back. It is reminiscent of a person taking a sight with a sextant, but it is not meant for navigation.

Meaning of Heave In Sight

Heave In Sight means: To come in sight, to appear. A nautical phrase that originated with approaching vessels which appeared to raise or heave itself above the horizon.

Meaning of LoS 

LoS  means: (acr.) (phrase) Line of Sight. Referring to the ability to see a target. Many spells and abilities require line of sight to use.

Meaning of a la vista

a la vista means: in view; in sight. (lit.: at the sight)

Meaning of Sight

Sight means: A nautical astronomical observation of the sun, moon, or a star, by which means a vessel's position can be determined. The sight was taken with a sextant at a specific time, determined by a chronometer.

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Meaning of BUTCHER'S

BUTCHER'S means: Butcher's (from Butcher's hook) is British slang for look.

Meaning of KATE KARNEY

KATE KARNEY means: Kate Karney is London Cockney rhyming slang for army.

Meaning of XOXO

XOXO means: Hugs and Kisses

Meaning of rat hole

rat hole means: A nasty, dirty place. Mortimer lives in a rat hole.

Meaning of luv

luv means: n honey; darlin’. A term of endearing address used predominantly by shop staff. You’d hear “that’ll be four fifty, luv” in very similar circumstances to those in which you’d hear “that’ll be four fifty, honey” in the U.S. It doesn’t mean they love you, in either case.

Meaning of niggy

niggy means: To get a dark tan. often used as, "let's lay out on the beach and get niggy!!" (ed: will it ever die out I wonder?).

Meaning of Bayden

Bayden means: rich, financially stable, solvent.

Meaning of Doris Day

Doris Day means: Gay (Homosexual)


LIGHT ENGINE means: An engine moving outside the yard without cars attached

Meaning of scun

scun means: to scun a sealing steamer is to direct her course by ovservation fromt eh crow’s nest or barrel at the masthead, where the best leads through the ice are picked out and signalled to the bridge; also, to join nets or linnet together by stitching the edges with twine

Meaning of LAUDUI

Meaning of GAPOIRS

Meaning of OANSYUST

Meaning of OUKSAYDUA

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