Slang Swell means

Swell means: Great.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Swell?

Swell means: Great.

Meaning of Swell slang

Slang: Swell means: Great.

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Meaning of SWELL

SWELL means: Swell is slang for excellent; first−class.Swell is British slang for a well−off single woman.

Meaning of Cut a Swell

Cut a Swell means: Present a fine figure. "He sure is cutting a swell with the ladies."

Meaning of swell

swell means: Excellent, outstanding. Thanks for helping out, Eula, you're really swell.


IN SWELL STREET means: In Swell Street is British slang for wealthy.

Meaning of To Wheal

To Wheal means: To swell.

Meaning of Swell

Swell means: Great.

Meaning of SWELL UP

SWELL UP means: crack

Meaning of Bouge

Bouge means: To swell out, to bulge.

Meaning of swell up

swell up means: Crack Cocaine

Meaning of Swell

Swell means: Wonderful. Also: a rich man.

Meaning of Topping

Topping means: Elegant, swell, great.

Meaning of tomato

tomato means: A female. Hey, what swell togs you're in!

Meaning of Swell

Swell means:   An elegantly, or stylishly dressed gentleman.

Meaning of swell

swell means: Excellent, outstanding. Check out the sweetie by the bar.

Meaning of Mobsman

Mobsman means:     A swindler or pickpocket, usually well-dressed.  Originally one of the "Swell Mob"

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Meaning of HONKERS

HONKERS means: Honkers is British slang for Hong Kong.

Meaning of ISLE OF MAN

ISLE OF MAN means: Isle of Man is London Cockney rhyming slang for pan.

Meaning of PONCE

PONCE means: Ponce is British slang for a pimp.Ponce is British slang for an ostentatious, effeminate male.Ponce is British slang for an idler.Ponce is British slang for to take advantage of, to borrow.

Meaning of NTYMI

NTYMI means: Now That You Mention It

Meaning of Going Postal

Going Postal means: 1) Excl. Going crazy. Refers to the trend of some postal workers becoming violent.

Meaning of chief

chief means: A big shot. We were going to do some bungee jumping but my mom chickened out.

Meaning of LEAGOI

Meaning of EUBUEHI

Meaning of OANYDEIB

Meaning of OAHAWHEYN

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