Slang Totally Hot means

Totally Hot means: means fashion good

What is the slang definition/meaning of Totally Hot?

Totally Hot means: means fashion good

Meaning of Totally Hot slang

Slang: Totally Hot means: means fashion good

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Meaning of totally tasty thermal pastry

totally tasty thermal pastry means: Used in the description of something being very "cool" or awesome, used most commonly in reference to really good food or some event that has happened to you that benefits you in some way. Sometimes used in the shortened form of "totally tasty" or "3tp". Never used in with sexual connotations, but sometimes is mistaken to be when "totally tasty" is left out. Because then it becomes "thermal pastry" which has been known to refer to the place between of womans legs, and it's uses when not covered in clothing.

Meaning of totally

totally means: Very. That tank top she was wearing was totally gnarly.

Meaning of Right as Rain

Right as Rain means: Totally correct, totally true.

Meaning of TSR

TSR means: Totally Stuck in RAM -or- Totally Stupid Rules

Meaning of Right as Rain

Right as Rain means: Totally correct, totally true.

Meaning of Totally Munga

Totally Munga means: totally awsome

Meaning of TOTALLY

TOTALLY means: Totally is American slang for very; very much.

Meaning of Totaly Awesome

Totaly Awesome means: totally cool; absoulutly: "That joint was like so totally awesome"

Meaning of Bomb

Bomb means: (1)Adj. Something favorable. See Also: Wicked, Way Cool, Trippendicular, Totally Tubular, Totally Awesome, The Joint, Rippen, Major, Killer, Def, Cool, Cool Beans, Bitchin', Bad, Awesome.

Meaning of House

House means: To display extreme enthusiasm, excitement, anger or distress. We used this alot, "Omigod, I was at the mall buying back to school clothes and I went totally house." Or you could say, "Did you hear? Sara and Jane were fighting in the bathroom and Sara went totally house on her!"

Meaning of 3rd Base

3rd Base means: The bases, known from their dating origins She is totally 3rd base You would totally get to third base with her. water boy- kiss (no tongue) 1st base= Kiss with tongue 2nd- Felt up, Fingered Handjob 3rd- Oral sex Home run - Intercourse .

Meaning of Totally

Totally means: As in "that's right"

Meaning of totally

totally means: very, really

Meaning of ITA

ITA means: I totally agree

Meaning of Totally Man

Totally Man means: It's like saying that is so cool man!

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Meaning of GUNFIRE

GUNFIRE means: Gunfire is British slang for wind emitted from the anus.

Meaning of OLD FELLOW

OLD FELLOW means: Old fellow is slang for the penis.


TICKLE YOUR FANCY means: Tickle your fancy is London Cockney rhyming slang for a male homosexual (nancy).

Meaning of phat

phat means: Adj. 1. Excellent, pleasing, desirable. 2. Fashionable. 3. Musically, describing a full, deep and bassy sound originating from hip hop. Similarly, describing the fashion quality of hip hop.

Meaning of O. K.

O. K. means: From the Greek - Ola Kala meaning "all correct" or "all well." British proctors and instructors would use the contraction "O.K" instead of writing "ola kala" when grading papers.

Meaning of HAR

HAR means: Hit And Run

Meaning of Smashing

Smashing means: If something is smashing, it means it is terrific.

Meaning of backhand drive

backhand drive means: Playfully pinching the ass or poking the finger into another's ass.

Meaning of SYUHYU

Meaning of OELSEEX

Meaning of PSEDSOGL

Meaning of LALTAUCKU

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