Slang Kick Rocks means

Kick Rocks means: Go Away. Get lost.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Kick Rocks?

Kick Rocks means: Go Away. Get lost.

Meaning of Kick Rocks slang

Slang: Kick Rocks means: Go Away. Get lost.

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Meaning of Kick Rocks

Kick Rocks means: Go Away. Get lost.

Meaning of kick rocks

kick rocks means: Leave a place.

Meaning of rocks

rocks means: Used to describe something that is very 'cool' or 'super' or 'great', etc.! We typically use it when we are excited at the result of some action that turns out very positive and successful. It is intended as a compliment of the highest degree. ie. When a coworker produces something that is technically sound, works extremely well and is well received - we might say 'you rock!' or 'that rocks!'. Drew Cary uses it in his theme song: 'Cleveland Rocks!'.

Meaning of KICK

KICK means: Kick is slang for to give up. Usually referring to the giving up of addictive drugs. Kick was oldBritish slang for sixpence.

Meaning of KICK OFF

KICK OFF means: Kick off is slang for to start trouble. Kick off is American slang for to die. Kick off is slang for to leave, go away.

Meaning of hoof

hoof means: To kick, especially a hefty kick, like a goal kick.

Meaning of ROCKS

ROCKS means: Rocks is slang for the testicles. Rocks is American slang for money. Rocks is American slang for ice cubes.

Meaning of kick back

kick back means: v. to relax and take it easy.  "Man, we fixin' to kick back and watch this game at the pad."  2. Calm down.  "Yo Mike, quit trippin', kick back foo." 

Meaning of bust rocks

bust rocks means: To serve time in prison. Yeah, if you do that, you'll be busting rocks for 10 years.

Meaning of KICK ASS

KICK ASS means: Kick ass is American slang for to punish or forcibly restore order. Kick ass is American slang for to make trouble, behave aggressively.


GET ONE'S ROCKS OFF means: Get one's rocks off is slang for to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Meaning of POP ONE'S ROCKS

POP ONE'S ROCKS means: Pop one's rocks is slang for to ejaculate, to achieve orgasm.

Meaning of KICK AROUND

KICK AROUND means: Kick around is slang for to discuss easily and informally. Kick around is slang for to go about without any plans.


SCHOONER ON THE ROCKS means: Schooner on the rocks is nautical slang for joint of meat roasted and surrounded by potatoes or batter.

Meaning of kick seven bells out of (someone)

kick seven bells out of (someone) means: Vrb phrs. To thoroughly beat up (someone). Also, less commonly, kick seven bells of shit out of someone. Cf. 'kick ten bells out of'.

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Meaning of BARD−PARKER

BARD−PARKER means: Bard−Parker is medical slang for a scalpel blade.

Meaning of bore shitless

bore shitless means: Verb. Bore completely. E.g."I was bored shitless by her talking non-stop about her family."

Meaning of dotty

dotty means: Adj. Eccentric or slightly mad. E.g."My dotty Auntie Ethel is visiting this weekend." {Informal}

Meaning of D2D

D2D means: Developer-to-Developer or Day-to-Day

Meaning of Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen means: A pickpocket that pretends to be gay in order to pickpocket another mans wallet.

Meaning of DOME / DOME PIECE

DOME / DOME PIECE means: A persons head. Usually referring to fighting and punching someone in the head, or shooting someone in the head.

Meaning of LIBERTIES

LIBERTIES means: magic mushrooms (psylocybe)

Meaning of hosed

hosed means: Drunk, intoxicated. If my parents find out about this, I'm hosed.

Meaning of OAKAIN

Meaning of ZOAWEOF

Meaning of VEAPHOYV

Meaning of OUDROEDSY

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