Slang Noob means

Noob means: A new person to a game; a loser.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Noob?

Noob means: A new person to a game; a loser.

Meaning of Noob slang

Slang: Noob means: A new person to a game; a loser.

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Meaning of noob

noob means: also seen as: n00b -or- nub -or- no0blet

Meaning of newb

newb means: Noun. See 'newbie'. Also 'noob'.

Meaning of noob

noob means: Noun. See 'newbie'. Also 'newb'.

Meaning of Noob

Noob means: A new person to a game; a loser.

Meaning of Noob/Newb/Nub etc.

Noob/Newb/Nub etc. means: A new or an unskilled player, sometimes both.

Meaning of Noob

Noob means: No filters were used to enhance an accompanying photograph.

Meaning of newbie (NooB)

newbie (NooB) means: n. Someone who is new to a particular activity, specifically a game, concept or forum. 

Meaning of noob

noob means: Someone who doesn't have the basic knowledge when it comes to pop culture, tech terms or just generally what seems to be "in" that week. 

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Meaning of SOFTSHOE

SOFTSHOE means: Softshoe is slang for to move surreptitiously, cautiously and quietly.

Meaning of Joey

Joey means: Noun. 1. A friend or acquaintence who is regarded a fool or weakling, and often has to bear the brunt of jokes. Believed to be derived from the rhyming slang Joe Hunt, meaning 'cunt'. 2. An imbecile. Derived from the name Joey Deacon, a physically handicapped (cerebral palsy) guest on a British children's TV programme called Blue Peter in the 1970s; consequently his name was cruelly adopted by children as an insult. Derog. Cf. 'deacon'.

Meaning of Spend a Penny

Spend a Penny means: Glasses/spectacles

Meaning of POV

POV means: President Of The United States.

Meaning of TTMF

TTMF means: Ta Ta MOFO

Meaning of piece

piece means: n. Also “piece of a**” (posterior) A derogatory term for a female, usually one being used for sexual favor, with derogatory intonations of a lack of emotion.  "Nah-uh, Dawg, she aint my boo. She just a piece."  2. sex.  "I’m a go over Tanisha’s and get me a piece."  3. n. a gun or weapon.  "Back off, I’m carrying a piece." 

Meaning of spoof

spoof means: (1) Lying, winding up, bullshitting, As used at Ashcroft High School, Luton, Bedfordshire, from before I arrived in my 2nd year in 1980. By that time all the kids had already got to know each other and more importantly were LOCAL to each other. I was a total newcomer, and green as grass from my village existence. You can guess the rest... (contribution added verbatim (g)) (2) Ejaculate, semen (ed: or as the contributor put it "The white stuff that comes out of your penis when it ejaculates.".

Meaning of HITTER

HITTER means: little pipe designed for only one hit

Meaning of Jig

Jig means: Short for Jigaboo.

Meaning of peel out

peel out means: To screech your tires pulling out. Why are you peed off with me? I didn't scratch your fender.

Meaning of OALTEO

Meaning of YACHIAG

Meaning of EIBUSSYI

Meaning of XOEKOETEY

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