Slang LOOP means

LOOP means: When a Hip Hop producer samples a 1 -4 bar beat/ groove , then makes it play over and over again. He looped it.

What is the slang definition/meaning of LOOP?

LOOP means: When a Hip Hop producer samples a 1 -4 bar beat/ groove , then makes it play over and over again. He looped it.

Meaning of LOOP slang

Slang: LOOP means: When a Hip Hop producer samples a 1 -4 bar beat/ groove , then makes it play over and over again. He looped it.

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Meaning of LOOP THE LOOP

LOOP THE LOOP means: Loop the loop is London Cockney rhyming slang for soup.

Meaning of Loop de Loop

Loop de Loop means: Soup. Nothing like a good loop on a cold day.

Meaning of loop

loop means: v.intr.Idiomknock/throw for a loop To surprise tremendously; astonish.

Meaning of OUT OF THE LOOP

OUT OF THE LOOP means: Out of the loop is American slang for being uninformed of inside goings−on.

Meaning of fairy loop

fairy loop means: The 'loop' on the back of a boys/mans 'Oxford' type shirt. Lord knows what it's purpose was but it was fun ripping them off the victims backs!

Meaning of Bowline

Bowline means: A knot use to form an eye or loop at the end of a rope. A knot with many uses, it is simple and strong, its loop will not slip, and it is easily untied after being exposed to a strain. also see Running Bowline.

Meaning of Loop The Loop

Loop The Loop means: Soup

Meaning of fruit loop

fruit loop means: crazy person

Meaning of Fruit Loop

Fruit Loop means: A cruising area (in a car) where people just keep going around and around.

Meaning of Eye

Eye means: A loop or hole which is spliced or tied on the end of a line

Meaning of Becket

Becket means: A loop or a small eye in the end of a rope or a block.

Meaning of Fruit loop

Fruit loop means: A person who lacks intelligence. See also Nitwit

Meaning of Bowline

Bowline means: A knot used to form a temporary loop in the end of a line.

Meaning of Honda or hondo

Honda or hondo means:   the sliding loop knot in a lasso or lariat.

Meaning of Build a Loop

Build a Loop means: Shaking out a coil of rope in preparation for roping.

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BANG ON THE DRUM means: Bang on the drum is bingo slang for the number seventy−one.

Meaning of BUBBLEGUM

BUBBLEGUM means: Bubblegum is slang for crassly commercial pop music aimed at the very young.

Meaning of NIGRA

NIGRA means: Nigra is derogatory American slang for a black person.


TRAIN SURFING means: Train surfing is slang for joy−riding on the top or outside of a train.

Meaning of blimey o'reilly!

blimey o'reilly! means: Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.

Meaning of freeze one's bollocks off

freeze one's bollocks off means: Vrb phrs. To be physically very cold, when applied to a person. E.g."I'm not freezing my bollocks off watching you play football on Sunday when I can be down the pub, warm, dry and drunk."

Meaning of HOT ICE

HOT ICE means: smokable methamphetamine

Meaning of Liverlips

Liverlips means: because it looks like they have liver on thier faces (originates in the southern US)

Meaning of get hooked up with

get hooked up with means: To meet. He couldn't get to first base with her, let alone score.

Meaning of shine

shine means: To deceive or gull. The guy is too shifty for me; I don't like him.

Meaning of AZOXOY

Meaning of YUSAGLO

Meaning of IUJEYCKE

Meaning of CEITAYCOA

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