Slang Extra means

Extra means: Over the top, too much

What is the slang definition/meaning of Extra?

Extra means: Over the top, too much

Meaning of Extra slang

Slang: Extra means: Over the top, too much

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Meaning of BRAATA

BRAATA means: a little extra; like the th cookie in a baker's dozen; or an extra helping of food. In musical shows it has come to be the encore.

Meaning of EXTRA

EXTRA means: Extra is British slang for excellent.

Meaning of Extra Grouse

Extra Grouse means: Extra special, better than terrific

Meaning of War bag

War bag means: bag where cowboys stored their possessions—extra clothes, extra ammunition, spare equipment parts, harmonica, cards, bill of sale for his horse; also called a "war sack" and a "yannigan bag.".

Meaning of Give Leeway

Give Leeway means: The practice of allowing extra room off a dangerous lee (downwind) shore in case of error or mishap in order to allow the vessel extra distance to maneuver in an emergency

Meaning of Extra

Extra means: Over the top, too much

Meaning of rab

rab means: extra, seconds; overtime

Meaning of extra luggage

extra luggage means: Large breasts.

Meaning of perk

perk means: an extra benefit that comes with a job or a position

Meaning of Bobby Dazzler

Bobby Dazzler means: Terrific, excellent, extra special

Meaning of bit on the side

bit on the side means: A sexual relationship extra to one's usual partner.

Meaning of Double black cow

Double black cow means: Extra rich chocolate shake

Meaning of Shoot one from the south

Shoot one from the south means: Make a cola extra strong

Meaning of Double black cow

Double black cow means: Extra rich chocolate shake

Meaning of Shoot one from the south

Shoot one from the south means: Make a cola extra strong

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Meaning of HAZING

HAZING means: Hazing is American slang for teasing or humiliation.

Meaning of PERTY

PERTY means: Perty is Dorset slang for pretty.

Meaning of johnny

johnny means: Noun. A condom. Derives from the term French Letter via the archaic slang Frenchie and consequently Johnny Frenchman.

Meaning of phwoah

phwoah means: Exclam. Used to express sexual desire at the sight of an attractive person. Imitative of the sound expressed in such a circumstance. Also spelt phwoar and phwoargh. [1990s]

Meaning of wally

wally means: n dimwit; dunce. In a friendly sort of a way. You’d never leap out of your car after someone’s smashed into the back of it and shout “you complete fucking wally!”

Meaning of STARS

STARS means: LSD

Meaning of Rollin’

Rollin’ means: , (ROL-in) v. pres. participle., Driving in a car.  On a drug, usually ecstasy.  Traveling from one place to another. Making a marijuana joint with your hands.  “Yo, I’m rollin’ like a mad man.”  Rollin’ deep:  traveling with a larger group or crew.  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of to punk someone

to punk someone means: 1. to trick someone 2. to disrespect someone

Meaning of steam up

steam up means: To make angry, mad. They tried without success to steam up his courage.

Meaning of UYGRIO

Meaning of YUBUYSI

Meaning of WYOLUOWY

Meaning of PTAOGNYOL

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