Slang Ticked means

Ticked means: Borrowed

What is the slang definition/meaning of Ticked?

Ticked means: Borrowed

Meaning of Ticked slang

Slang: Ticked means: Borrowed

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Meaning of TICKED OFF

TICKED OFF means: Ticked off is slang for angry, annoyed.

Meaning of Ticked

Ticked means: Borrowed

Meaning of ticked off

ticked off means: Adj. Angry, annoyed.

Meaning of Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose!

Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose! means: No way, or I'm ticked off by what you did. From "Welcome Back, Kotter." Also, In your ear!

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Meaning of GIVE GROUND

GIVE GROUND means: Give ground is American slang for to retreat.

Meaning of SAMMIE

SAMMIE means: Sammie is Autralian and New Zealand slang for sandwich.


SHIRT AND COLLAR means: Shirt and collar was old London Cockney rhyming slang for two shillings and six pence (a dollar).

Meaning of scaredy-cat

scaredy-cat means: Noun. A person who is frightened. Mainly adolescent use, often employed as a taunt. Derog.

Meaning of Do

Do means: If you drive along a motorway in the wrong lane the police will do you. You could then tell your friends that you have been done by the police. Prosecute is another word for it!

Meaning of out

out means: To seduce a (putatively) straight man, thus exposing his true nature and liberating his sublimated, gay orienatation. This was the meaning of "out" in the 1960s. All other gay usage of "out" seem to come from this origin.

Meaning of toss off

toss off means: To masturbate.

Meaning of HARD LINE

HARD LINE means: crack

Meaning of ASHES

ASHES means: marijuana

Meaning of OEJICM

Meaning of IETHYUV

Meaning of GLEKSIOR

Meaning of ROETOUFEU

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