Slang Bengal Lancer means

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

What is the slang definition/meaning of Bengal Lancer?

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

Meaning of Bengal Lancer slang

Slang: Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

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Meaning of Bengal Lancer

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer (someone not qualified). News paper adds would state no bengal lancers when advertising for tradesmen.

Meaning of Bengal Lancer

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

Meaning of LNC 

LNC  means: (abrv.) (n.) Lancer

Meaning of Class 

Class  means: (n.) The base term for the weapon you equip (Lancer, Carpenter, Botanist, etc.)

Meaning of (DoW) Disciples of War 

(DoW) Disciples of War  means: (acr.) (phrase) One of four disciplines that includes the following classes: Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist, Archer and Lancer and their respective jobs.

Meaning of LOL 

LOL  means: (acr.) (v.) Laughing Out Loud. "That level 30 just attacked Serket?? LOL!" (adj.) Derogatory: used as a prefix to a job abbreviation to imply that a job is laughably weak. "Lancer? More like LOLANCER"

Meaning of paki

paki means: Noun. 1. A Pakistani, but also used as a general and particularly offensive term for any person/immigrant from the Indian sub-continent, such as Pakistan, India, Bengal, Sri Lanka etc. Offens. 2. A shop or delicatessen run by asians. Offens.

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Meaning of SLUG

SLUG means: Slug is British slang for an obnoxious person.Slug is late th century slang for a dollar and also for a counterfeit coin.Slug is Australian slang for charge excessively.

Meaning of SOCK−PUPPET

SOCK−PUPPET means: Sock−puppet is American slang for a stupid person, especially an unoriginal one who copies other people's ideas.

Meaning of TOY

TOY means: Toy is British slang for imitation, false.Toy was th century British slang for a watch.

Meaning of (the) hots

(the) hots means: Noun. A sexual desire.

Meaning of wimpy

wimpy means: Adj. Feeble, weak. Also applied to objects or places, e.g."The furnishings were a little wimpy for such bold decor."

Meaning of YDKM

YDKM means: You Don't Know Me

Meaning of cow college

cow college means: An agricultural college. He grew up on a farm and went to a cow college when he graduated from high school.

Meaning of popeye

popeye means: Either during dinner or directly outside the school gates, along with white dog turds and shredded pornography (if there was a park or alley near to your school), there was an ice cream van that used to sell a Popeye - essentially a small ice cream cone (or 'cornet') but where a flake insertion would produce a "99" alternatively a thin fruit lolly was stuck in (invariably one half of those 'double lollies' which had 2 sticks, snapped in half lengthways) - no idea in hell why it was called a Popeye, anyone know? But also a name called to any one during the course of 'play'/'break' who had something long (stick/ cricket bat/long boot bag, stuffed down the back of their coat at the neck, thus resembling (vaguely at best), said ice cream.


RUN IT/ RUN YO SH*T/ RUN IT BACK means: 1-What a stick up kid (robber) would say to a victim, if it's for a bike, or a wallet or a chain, the stick up kid will say "run it". 2- Run It Back mean rewind, or try again, or bring it back.

Meaning of EYSTAO

Meaning of IYRGOOZ

Meaning of LOITHEIZ

Meaning of HUYCHOARI

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