Slang Bengal Lancer means

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

What is the slang definition/meaning of Bengal Lancer?

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

Meaning of Bengal Lancer slang

Slang: Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

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Meaning of Bengal Lancer

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer (someone not qualified). News paper adds would state no bengal lancers when advertising for tradesmen.

Meaning of Bengal Lancer

Bengal Lancer means: Chancer

Meaning of LNC 

LNC  means: (abrv.) (n.) Lancer

Meaning of Class 

Class  means: (n.) The base term for the weapon you equip (Lancer, Carpenter, Botanist, etc.)

Meaning of (DoW) Disciples of War 

(DoW) Disciples of War  means: (acr.) (phrase) One of four disciplines that includes the following classes: Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist, Archer and Lancer and their respective jobs.

Meaning of LOL 

LOL  means: (acr.) (v.) Laughing Out Loud. "That level 30 just attacked Serket?? LOL!" (adj.) Derogatory: used as a prefix to a job abbreviation to imply that a job is laughably weak. "Lancer? More like LOLANCER"

Meaning of paki

paki means: Noun. 1. A Pakistani, but also used as a general and particularly offensive term for any person/immigrant from the Indian sub-continent, such as Pakistan, India, Bengal, Sri Lanka etc. Offens. 2. A shop or delicatessen run by asians. Offens.

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Meaning of CHIMER

CHIMER means: Chimer is Black−American slang for a timepiece, clock. Chimer is Black−American slang for the human heart.

Meaning of DOCK ASTHMA

DOCK ASTHMA means: Dock asthma is British slang for gasps of feigned surprise and disbelief.

Meaning of FILF


Meaning of jandals

jandals means: A contraction of 'Japanese Sandals' this is a term for a kind of plastic sandal or sand shoe, held on by a 'toe grip. Also known in USA and Australia as 'flip flops', and in the UK as 'thongs. (ed: which explains why Brits in Aus get directed to underwear shops when they ask for them!) (ed: oops... I got the UK and Aus meanings reversed. Simon pulled me up on it "Please update your description of Jandals. In Australia we refer to these as "Thongs", NEVER as "flip-flops" as is used in the US. PS: I am an Aussie so this is not just an opinion, it's fact.". Ok... so do I change it or leave it so the comment stays? :)

Meaning of RFD

RFD means: Is a reader-written journal for gay men which focuses on country living. P. O. Box 68, Liberty, TN 37O95

Meaning of sook

sook means: a whiney person

Meaning of foxy

foxy means: Sexy, attractive. Lucille is a fox from her head to her toenails.

Meaning of screwup

screwup means: A mistake, error. He screwed up when he bought that car.

Meaning of once-over

once-over means: a quick inspection or search

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Meaning of YWIPTUI

Meaning of OIXYOGRO

Meaning of YFOYKREAM

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