Slang Bottle Of Cola means

Bottle Of Cola means: Bowler

What is the slang definition/meaning of Bottle Of Cola?

Bottle Of Cola means: Bowler

Meaning of Bottle Of Cola slang

Slang: Bottle Of Cola means: Bowler

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Meaning of Bottle Of Cola

Bottle Of Cola means: Bowler

Meaning of BOTTLE

BOTTLE means: Bottle is slang for to injure by thrusting a broken bottle into a person. Bottle is British slang for courage or nerve.Bottle is British slang for money collected by street entertainers or buskers. Bottle is busker slang for to collect money from the bystanders.Bottle is betting slang for odds of /.

Meaning of bottle

bottle means: Noun. Courage, confidence. E.g."Johnny's scared, he's lost his bottle." Verb. To smash a bottle into a person's face, very often a beer bottle after a drinking spree.

Meaning of bottle it

bottle it means: Verb. 1. To lose courage. Also bottle out. See 'bottle'. 2. Shut up! Usually imper.

Meaning of bottle of chips

bottle of chips means: Phrs. An unlikely thing. Used in expressions to add emphasis, such as in 'bent as a bottle of chips', 'queer as a bottle of chips', 'mad as a bottle of chips' etc


BOTTLE RETURN means: Bottle return is nursing slang for removing a bottle stuck by vacuum suction in the anal canal, usually of a gay man.

Meaning of Bottle

Bottle means: Something you have after twenty pints of lager and a curry. A lotta bottle! This means courage. If you have a lotta bottle you have no fear.

Meaning of Bottle

Bottle means: - Something you have after twenty pints of lager and a curry. A lotta bottle! This means courage. If you have a lotta bottle you have no fear.

Meaning of cola

cola means: [a word play on coke, cocaine, and Coca-Cola, cocaine is derived from the coca (not the kola) plant] cocaine

Meaning of bottle

bottle means: n nerve. To “lose one’s bottle” is to chicken out of something — often just described as “bottling it.” It may be derived from Cockney rhyming slang, where “bottle” = “bottle and glass” = “arse.” Losing one’s bottle appears therefore to refer to losing the contents of one’s bowel.

Meaning of bottle

bottle means: two pounds, or earlier tuppence (2d), from the cockney rhyming slang: bottle of spruce

Meaning of BOTTLE OF POP

BOTTLE OF POP means: Bottle of pop is London Cockney rhyming slang for an Italian (wop).

Meaning of Bottle and Glass

Bottle and Glass means: Arse. I gave him a good kick up the bottle.

Meaning of arris

arris means: Buttock cleft. (1) pos. corrup. of arse, but could be from the literal meaning "sharp edge at the meeting of two surfaces". Strangely the term is used with its correct meaning in bricklaying! (2) possibly "double" Cockney rhyming slang - Aristotle=bottle, bottle and glass=arse. The latter also helps explain the term for someone who has panicked, i.e. "lost his bottle" as in "shit himself" (ed: however, on balance I think perhaps the first is most likely)

Meaning of BOTTLE OUT

BOTTLE OUT means: Bottle out is British slang for to lose one's nerve.

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Meaning of BEE STINGS

BEE STINGS means: Bee stings is slang for very small breasts.

Meaning of CAR

CAR means: Car is Dorset slang for to carry.

Meaning of ROAD BREW

ROAD BREW means: Road brew is American slang for beer.

Meaning of Naff

Naff means: My friend

Meaning of Slaphead

Slaphead means: Make-up, especially heavy make-up.

Meaning of JP

JP means: Just Playing

Meaning of fresh

fresh means: n. An old school term referring to someone who looks good, feels good, and or puts out a vibe that is cool or really together. Made popular by many 80’s rap groups particularly The Fresh Prince a.k.a Will Smith. Term used mainly by people over the age of 28 from a Hip Hoppers worldview.  "Man, those new shoes are fresh!" 

Meaning of bad lay

bad lay means: One whose sexual performance is not up to standard; under par.

Meaning of drink

drink means: Large body of water: sea, ocean, lake, river. I don't know why you are drilling me when you are wearing your little brother's shirt.

Meaning of BYDSAO

Meaning of LOCHOIJ

Meaning of OUSUORTO

Meaning of DOEPTEGYN

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