Slang Ham Shank means

Ham Shank means: Yanks

What is the slang definition/meaning of Ham Shank?

Ham Shank means: Yanks

Meaning of Ham Shank slang

Slang: Ham Shank means: Yanks

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Meaning of SHANK

SHANK means: Shank is British and American slang for a homemade knife. Shank is British slang for to stab.

Meaning of shank

shank means: Crudely made knife. They caught him with a shank and gave him 5 more years in prison.

Meaning of Shank

Shank means: The balance, what remains. "Why don't you come by and spend the shank of the evening with me?  

Meaning of Shank's Mare, Shank's Pony

Shank's Mare, Shank's Pony means: On foot.

Meaning of HAM SHANK

HAM SHANK means: Ham shank is British rhyming slang for wank.Ham shank is British rhyming slang for an American (Yank).

Meaning of Shank

Shank means: Have sex

Meaning of Ham Shank

Ham Shank means: Yanks

Meaning of Shank

Shank means: "friend" or "fellow."

Meaning of loose shank

loose shank means: Marijuana

Meaning of Shank of the Evening

Shank of the Evening means: Latter part of the afternoon.

Meaning of Shank

Shank means: Of dubious character or honesty.

Meaning of Ride a Shank's Mare

Ride a Shank's Mare means: To walk or be set afoot.

Meaning of shank

shank means: To stab or cut someone.  "In jail, if you're not careful you might get shanked." 

Meaning of shank

shank means: Crudely made knife. He went to the bar and got shammered last night.

Meaning of sharp

sharp means: An expert. They caught him with a shank and gave him 5 more years in prison.

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CHATTERMAG means: Chattermag is Dorset slang for a magpie. Chattermag is Dorset slang for a talkative woman.

Meaning of SPUDS

SPUDS means: Spuds is slang for potatoes.

Meaning of Cow

Cow means: Lazy person - who is thought to spend their time lying on the couch

Meaning of RI&W

RI&W means: Read It And Weep

Meaning of having kittens

having kittens means: interj extremely nervous: I was having kittens beforehand but once I got in there the director explained the plot and I managed to just get undressed and get on with it.

Meaning of balley's

balley's means: In Manchester they used the word "Balley's" in the same way as Barley's (and Fainites). The pronunciation was definitely without the "r" sound, but was probably a corruption from the same source (understandable when taking into account the harsher vowel sounds of a northern accent).

Meaning of nish

nish means: tender, easily injured

Meaning of tap

tap means: Exhaust, finish. Guy was so tanked up last night that he couldn't find his way home.

Meaning of XUATHO

Meaning of HOAJAYT

Meaning of RADROAKY

Meaning of UOVIIRSOA

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