Slang Joe Hook means

Joe Hook means: Book

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Joe Hook means: Book

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Slang: Joe Hook means: Book

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Meaning of OFF THE HOOK

OFF THE HOOK means: Off the hook is slang for out of trouble, freed from a difficult situation.Off the hook is Australian slang for a married man out for the night with male friends. Off the hook isAmerican slang for ill, in a bad temper, nervous.Off the hook is American slang for something so good it transcends description.

Meaning of Mouse

Mouse means: To secure a hook by winding a line around a hook, so that the gap in the hook is closed off.

Meaning of hook up

hook up means: v. see “hooking up.” Also used as noun as in “the hook up.” See “getting the hook up” 

Meaning of Mouse a Hook

Mouse a Hook means: The passing of several turns of line across the jaw of a hook to prevent something on the hook, such as an eye or a line, from jumping clear.

Meaning of HOOK

HOOK means: Hook is British slang for to steal.Hook is British slang for a pickpocket.Hook is British slang for a stmbling block, a catch to a deal.

Meaning of getting the hook up

getting the hook up means: Receiving more than you could have even wanted from a given situation.  "Billy, check out this stereo system your dad gave you . . . you got the hook up!"  2. Being joined in a relationship with the person you wanted or starting a relationship with the opposite sex. **See "hooking up."  "Mark likes Jen . . . Jen is getting the hook up." 

Meaning of ON THE HOOK

ON THE HOOK means: On the hook is slang for waiting. On the hook is slang for in a dangerous or difficult situation.

Meaning of Sheppards Hook

Sheppards Hook means: A stave with a large hook for recovering boats falls and lifelines.

Meaning of off the hook

off the hook means: Freed, as from blame or a vexatious obligation: let me off the hook with a mild reprimand.

Meaning of hook

hook means: Absent onself from school with no viable excuse. Used in the phrase "going on the hook.

Meaning of off the hook

off the hook means: Exonerated, cleared of guilt. I'm glad Lloyd confessed to blowing the toilet; that let's me off the hook.

Meaning of GET THE HOOK

GET THE HOOK means: Get the hook is entertainment industry slang for to remove a performer from stage when they are performing badly.

Meaning of Boat-hook

Boat-hook means: A pole with a hook on the end, used to reach into the water to catch buoys or other floating objects.

Meaning of off the hook

off the hook means: Exonerated, cleared of guilt. Did you see John's new kicks? They are off the hook.

Meaning of Hook

Hook means: The ship's anchor. eg. "We pulled into the bay and dropped the hook for the night."

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Meaning of BEVVIED

BEVVIED means: Bevvied is British slang for drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Her Majesty’s Pleasure means: Wife

Meaning of chisel

chisel means: To swindle or cheat Les Cheatham chiseled me out of my lunch money!

Meaning of perpetrator

perpetrator means: Technical term for someone with sexual interest in children. Regardless of whether the child wants sex or not; whether or not the child enjoys the sex, the child is the victim of the perpetrator's sexual abuse.

Meaning of Poppet

Poppet means: Term of endearment. "Come along, poppet."


SHUNTING BOILER means: Switch engine

Meaning of cheba

cheba means: Marijuana. He can't see past the end of his nose without his cheaters.

Meaning of beat it

beat it means: go away

Meaning of YITCHE

Meaning of PHACOUR

Meaning of GREARDYU

Meaning of JUOSTUYPU

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