Slang Strange And Weird means

Strange And Weird means: Beard

What is the slang definition/meaning of Strange And Weird?

Strange And Weird means: Beard

Meaning of Strange And Weird slang

Slang: Strange And Weird means: Beard

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Meaning of oddball

oddball means: a strange or eccentric person (n.) | strange, weird (adj.)

Meaning of Rag Week

Rag Week means: Weird, strange

Meaning of Strange And Weird

Strange And Weird means: Beard

Meaning of weirdo

weirdo means: a strange, eccentric or weird person

Meaning of Creep (n.)

Creep (n.) means:   An unpleasantly weird/strange person.

Meaning of flake

flake means: Weird. Unbalanced, Probably certifiably insane. Indulging in strange behaviours.

Meaning of ab

ab means: Contraction of 'abnormal'. Trendy way to say something is odd, unusual, strange or weird - usually in some undefined way, e.g. "Dave's gone ab on me.

Meaning of sketchy

sketchy means: n. something or someone who is weird, off or strange.  "Hey Dog! I ain't hanging out with that sketchy ho, she started talking in other voices last night!" 

Meaning of Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker means: A person who prefers to live in the bush. 2. A weird or odd person with a strange character

Meaning of Unreal

Unreal means: Strange, odd, unique in a weird way, e.g. "That's unreal, man!" Similar in meaning to "far out."

Meaning of WEIRD OUT

WEIRD OUT means: Weird out is American slang for to behave in an eccentric manner, to undergo a disturbing change of mood.


STRANGELY WEIRD means: Strangely weird is London Cockney rhyming slang for a beard.

Meaning of Funky

Funky means: weird

Meaning of Freaky-deaky

Freaky-deaky means: very weird

Meaning of Gag Me With A Spoon

Gag Me With A Spoon means: somethign weird or disgusting, a chick who's ugly

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Meaning of BASHER

BASHER means: Basher is British slang for a thug, a bully.Basher is British slang for a shelter or shack built from rubbish and lived in by a vagrant.

Meaning of GAGE

GAGE means: Gage is slang for marijuana, the term originated in the th century from the term for a pipe. During the Middle Ages Gage was slang for a quart pot.


ROAST POTATO means: Roast potato is London Cockney rhyming slang for waiter.

Meaning of sprog

sprog means: Noun. A child.

Meaning of waz up

waz up means: hello, how you doing?

Meaning of ONUD

ONUD means: Oh No You Didn't

Meaning of hob

hob means: n rangetop; stovetop. The top bit of a cooker with the burners on it, where you put pans and things.

Meaning of asshole

asshole means: The anus; rectum.

Meaning of poop-hole

poop-hole means: The rectal opening, anus; asshole. poopoo: the rectal opening, anus; asshole.

Meaning of ZUVAIH

Meaning of VUKIEMS

Meaning of GRYULTYO

Meaning of VYECUTHUE

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