Slang West Ham Reserves means

West Ham Reserves means: Nerves

What is the slang definition/meaning of West Ham Reserves?

West Ham Reserves means: Nerves

Meaning of West Ham Reserves slang

Slang: West Ham Reserves means: Nerves

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Meaning of West Ham Reserves

West Ham Reserves means: Nerves. e's got a bad case of the West Ham's.

Meaning of West Ham Reserves

West Ham Reserves means: Nerves

Meaning of Bottom

Bottom means:   a horse that has deep reserves of stamina.

Meaning of West End Thespian

West End Thespian means: Lesbian. She's a lovely girl but she is west end, you know.

Meaning of Passed West

Passed West means: Died. Perhaps derived from the sun setting in the west.

Meaning of Mae West

Mae West means: A Second World War personal flotation device used to keep people afloat in the water; named after the 1930s actress Mae West, well known for her large bosom.

Meaning of GONE WEST

GONE WEST means: Gone west is British slang for passed. Gone west is British slang for failed. Gone west is British slang for dead.

Meaning of Mae West

Mae West means: Best. I'm Mae West at Cockney Rhyming Slang

Meaning of West

West means: One of the 4 cardinal compass points. West is at 270° on a compass card.

Meaning of EAST AND WEST

EAST AND WEST means: East and west is London Cockney rhyming slang for chest. East and west is London Cockney rhyming slang for breast. East and west is London Cockney rhyming slang for vest.


KNOCK GALLEY−WEST means: Knock galley−west is American slang for knock into confusion, inaction, or unconsciousness.

Meaning of ROYAL

ROYAL means: Royal is slang for a member of a royal family.Royal is Jamaican slang for a non−West Indian black person.Royal is west Indian slang for a mixed Black−Chinese person.Royal is Black−American slang for a West Indian.Royal is Trinidadian slang for the buttocks.Royal is American slang for very.

Meaning of Old West and Cowboy Bumper Stickers

Old West and Cowboy Bumper Stickers means: Great Old West and Cowboy bumper stickers for yourself or for your friends. Made of durable vinyl and measuring a generous 10" x 3" these stickers are made for adding style to any surface. Printed using UV resistant inks means no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain.

Meaning of West Wind, Westerly Wind

West Wind, Westerly Wind means: Wind coming from west.

Meaning of Mae West

Mae West means: Best

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Meaning of FREAKY

FREAKY means: Freaky is slang for strange; unconventional; bizarre.

Meaning of Jizz

Jizz means: Semen

Meaning of flog

flog means: to sell something ‘I’m trying to flog my old car.’

Meaning of bones

bones means: Money. I don't have enough bones to go anywhere.

Meaning of swagga jacker

swagga jacker means: v. when one person steals another’s swagga (meaning flow, lines, lyrics or jokes).  "Man you can’t talk to no females with Reggie around cause he ain’t nothin’ but a swagga jacker anyway." 

Meaning of Big W

Big W means: The outline of a womans labia seen through tight trousers or 'slacks. Really limited to Australia where the Big W sign is common and the expression bcomes obvious..

Meaning of flat tire

flat tire means: A flat ass.

Meaning of piece

piece means: A gun. He gets pickled after only one beer.

Meaning of UITIYC

Meaning of GLIONGU

Meaning of VOICOAPS

Meaning of VAOWHUACH

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