Slang Barry White means

Barry White means: Shite (shit). I need a Barry White.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Barry White?

Barry White means: Shite (shit). I need a Barry White.

Meaning of Barry White slang

Slang: Barry White means: Shite (shit). I need a Barry White.

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Meaning of BARRY WHITE

BARRY WHITE means: Barry White is London Cockney rhyming slang for rubbish, poor quality (shite).

Meaning of Barry White *

Barry White * means: Noun. 1. Rubbish, nonsense. 2. An act of defecation. * Both uses are rhyming slang on 'shite' (shit). See 'shite'. Barry White, U.S. soul singer who came to the fore in the 1970s.

Meaning of Barry White

Barry White means: Shite (shit). I need a Barry White.

Meaning of talking to god on the big white telephone

talking to god on the big white telephone means: Being physically sick, vomiting into a toilet. From the position of leaning over a toilet bowl (big white telephone) and screaming "Oh GOD", Popularised by Barry Humphries in his 'Baz McKenzie' comic strip in Private Eye.

Meaning of chunder

chunder means: To vomit. Term developed cruise voayages, a contraction of 'watch under' and popularised by Barry Humphries in his Private Eye strip 'Barry McKenzie'.


BARRY MCGUIGAN means: Barry McGuigan is London Cockney rhyming slang for large, big (a big 'un).

Meaning of barry

barry means: Good, great, fantastic, as in "That film was real barry!" Edinburgh slang for 'great'; 'fantastic'. Can also be seen in abundance in Irivine Welsh's book - Trainspotting.

Meaning of White Wall

White Wall means: White wall tires have a thin line of white. Used for blacks who pretend to be white.

Meaning of China white

China white means: [from China (Indochina) white or white stuff = heroin; since the 1970s] (1) relatively pure heroin from Southeast Asia. (2) analogs of fentanyl (Sublimaze), an opioid more potent than heroin and sold on the street as China white

Meaning of WHITE TRASH

WHITE TRASH means: White trash is slang for poor white people living in the southern USA. White trash is slang for decadent rich white people.


WHITE LIGHTNING means: White lightning is slang for strong, illicitly distilled grain alcohol. White lightning was s and s slang for white tables of LSD.

Meaning of Barry McGuigan

Barry McGuigan means: Big 'Un (Big One)

Meaning of white note

white note means: Used in the fifties in Owens's School at the Angel Islington as a term for visiting the lavatory.I.e. You raised your hand in class and said "Please sir can I have a white note" If you wanted to visit there. (contrib. not sure what a white note itself was :))

Meaning of the most

the most means: Excellent, outstanding. Thanks for all the help, Barry; you're the most.

Meaning of the real McCoy

the real McCoy means: Something genuine. Thanks for all the help, Barry; you're the most.

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Meaning of CAKERY

CAKERY means: Cakery is British slang for a bakery.

Meaning of arse-bandit

arse-bandit means: Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.

Meaning of biznatch

biznatch means: Code word for "bitch" and/or a female with a bad attitude.  "Shelia a straight biznatch; she never give my play." 

Meaning of pillock

pillock means: n idiot. You could almost decide having read this dictionary that any unknown British word is most likely to mean “idiot.” And you could almost be right. The Brits have so many because different ones sound better in different sentences. Pillock is likely a contraction of the 16th century word “pillicock,” which was used to refer to the male member.

Meaning of sickie

sickie means: n a day off work elicited by feigning illness: I’m going to take a sickie tomorrow and go to the zoo!

Meaning of dullion, dul-yon

dullion, dul-yon means: Used as an exclamation upon executing a particularly violent and/or effective and/or demonstrative act on another,mostly unsuspecting person or upon seeing such an act perpetrated on a third party. For example; third year,dinner hall, St.Ninians' High School Giffnock. Stephen Brown (or 'Broono') scones Kenneth Baird (or 'Buffer') with a lunch tray full square on the back producing a dull sound usually associated with slapping the side of an empty oil drum. As Buffer collapsed into a heap amongst the slops Broono roared, "That was a fuckin' dullion!" and was answered with cries from the attendant muckers of "Fuckin' dullion man!" (ed: many thanks to Chris Diamond for this and other contributions.)

Meaning of sign

sign means: as in the expression “A sign of fish” (“there was a good sign of fish”).

Meaning of EOMSUY

Meaning of PTIORDE

Meaning of AYJYEGHU

Meaning of IUJESOVOH

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