Slang Biscuits and Cheese means

Biscuits and Cheese means: Knees. I've been on my biscuits all day.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Biscuits and Cheese?

Biscuits and Cheese means: Knees. I've been on my biscuits all day.

Meaning of Biscuits and Cheese slang

Slang: Biscuits and Cheese means: Knees. I've been on my biscuits all day.

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BISCUITS AND CHEESE means: Biscuits and cheese is London Cockney rhyming slang for knees.

Meaning of Biscuits and Cheese

Biscuits and Cheese means: Knees. I've been on my biscuits all day.

Meaning of Biscuits And Cheese

Biscuits And Cheese means: Knees

Meaning of CHEESE

CHEESE means: Cheese is slang for detest.Cheese is British slang for smegma.Cheese is prison slang for to act in a grovelling manner.Cheese is slang for a Dutch person.Cheese is Australian slang for a wife.

Meaning of biscuits

biscuits means: Dirty, worn-out shoes. Look at that boy's biscuits.

Meaning of knob cheese (!) *

knob cheese (!) * means: Noun. Smegma. Cf. 'cheese'. Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance. * Also spelt nob cheese.

Meaning of Biscuits to a bear

Biscuits to a bear means: a waste of timeYou could try talking him into behaving himself, but it’s biscuits to a bear.

Meaning of 'cheese-eater'

'cheese-eater' means: I'm pretty sure the definition you list for a brown-noser - "cheesier" - is in fact supposed to be "cheese-eater." I've heard cheese-eater used numerous times as a synonym for a suck-up, but never cheesier. Is it possible that someone mis-heard "cheese-eater" and just always heard it as "cheesier"?


DISCO BISCUITS means: Disco Biscuits is slang for methaqualone.


CUT SOME CHEESE means: Cut some cheese is British slang for to emit foul smelling wind from the anus.

Meaning of Hard Cheese

Hard Cheese means: An expression of bad luck.“Hard cheese if he does. We’re entitled to our break.”

Meaning of Head-Cheese

Head-Cheese means: The ears and feet of swine cut up fine, boiled, and pressed into the form of a cheese.

Meaning of LIKE CHEESE

LIKE CHEESE means: Like cheese is Black−American slang for any strong odor

Meaning of big cheese

big cheese means: An important person. He thinks that he is a big cheese just because he has a new Oldsmobile.

Meaning of cheese-balled

cheese-balled means: To be under a great deal of stress. Don't look so down, man, cheese me one.

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Meaning of GET BENCHED

GET BENCHED means: Get benched is American slang for to be removed from play during a team game.

Meaning of LUMP OF COKE

LUMP OF COKE means: Lump of coke is London Cockney rhyming slang for a man (bloke).

Meaning of crank

crank means: Irritable, short-tempered person; an eccentric person. That crank Josephine told me to buzz off when I asked her for a dollar.

Meaning of bunny-foo-foo

bunny-foo-foo means: When a guy tucks his dick in between his legs. A painful practice done by drunks and gays. (ed: this is added because I have NO idea what the hell it's about!!)

Meaning of dingo

dingo means: A predatory older man. ["Pack of dingoes, dead ahead"]

Meaning of Yo All Stop Jivin'!

Yo All Stop Jivin'! means: quit, now, this is serious!



Meaning of mauzy

mauzy means: misty, foggy day

Meaning of choice

choice means: Really cool, hot, attractive. What are you doing? Ah, nothing. I'm just chizziling.

Meaning of HIECOE

Meaning of CUIWHUL

Meaning of IIVAORUY

Meaning of OIXEYPSIA

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