Slang Borassic Lint means

Borassic Lint means: Skint (broke). He's right boric.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Borassic Lint?

Borassic Lint means: Skint (broke). He's right boric.

Meaning of Borassic Lint slang

Slang: Borassic Lint means: Skint (broke). He's right boric.

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Meaning of Borassic Lint

Borassic Lint means: Skint (broke). He's right boric.


BORACIC LINT means: Boracic lint is London Cockney rhyming slang for skint (broke, without money).

Meaning of PINK LINT

PINK LINT means: Pink lint is rare London Cockney rhyming slang for penniless (skint).

Meaning of fluff

fluff means: n lint. More than simply lint, fluff stretches to cover any unexpected bits of hair/fur/fabric, appearing anywhere from the corner of your living room to your posterior.

Meaning of Boracic Lint

Boracic Lint means: Skint

Meaning of boracic, brassic

boracic, brassic means: Ahort of cash From cockney rhyming slang... boracic lint = skint

Meaning of boracic

boracic means: Adj. Poor, having no money. Rhyming slang for 'skint', from boracic lint, an ointment, pronounced borrassic. Also heard as brassick. E.g."I can't come out for a drink, I'm boracic until I get paid next Friday."

Meaning of Cosby sweater

Cosby sweater means: 1) a loud, obnoxious multicolored sweater like those worn by Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show; 2) multicolored flannel boxer-shorts lint

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PANCAKE means: Pancake is British slang for a flat−chested girl.

Meaning of SOFT BOY

SOFT BOY means: Soft boy is Jamaican slang for a male homosexual or effeminate man.

Meaning of bit of rough

bit of rough means: Noun. A sexual partner below one's normal standards or believed class.

Meaning of myther

myther means: Verb. See mither.

Meaning of kiss the star fish of love

kiss the star fish of love means: Anilingus,stimulate the asshole by kissing, licking and penetration of the anus with one's mouth or tongue or both.

Meaning of Nark

Nark means: To Squeal, Snitch, rat; or the person who does these things

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Meaning of scrunchions (scrunchins)

scrunchions (scrunchins) means: crisp-fried pieces of salt port or fatback; the residue in a cask or boiler of cod livers or seal fat after the oil has been drawn off

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high means: Drunk, intoxicated on drugs. He does everything higgledy-piggledy.

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