Slang Cream Crackered means

Cream Crackered means: Knackered (tired). I'm cream crackered, mate.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Cream Crackered?

Cream Crackered means: Knackered (tired). I'm cream crackered, mate.

Meaning of Cream Crackered slang

Slang: Cream Crackered means: Knackered (tired). I'm cream crackered, mate.

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Meaning of Cream Crackered

Cream Crackered means: Knackered (tired). I'm cream crackered, mate.

Meaning of jacobs

jacobs means: Noun. Testicles. Rhyming slang on Jacob's Cream Crackers meaning 'knackers'. Cream Crackers being a dry savoury biscuit usually served with cheese and Jacobs being the manufacturer. See 'cream crackered'.

Meaning of creamed

creamed means: Cream crackered. Knackered. Very tired.

Meaning of cream crackered

cream crackered means: Adj. Tired out, exhausted. Rhyming slang on 'knackered'.


CHRISTMAS−CRACKERED means: Christmas−crackered is British rhyming slang for tired, exhausted (knackered).


CREAM−CRACKERED means: Cream−crackered is British rhyming slang for exhausted, worn−out (knackered).

Meaning of CREAM

CREAM means: Cream is slang for to ejaculate.Cream is slang for to comprehensively defeat.Cream is slang for to severely beat.Cream is slang for to steal from an employer.

Meaning of cream

cream means: n. cash, or money; a term made popular by Method Man and the Wu Tang Clan.  "Don’t trip son, I got that cream."  Lyrical reference: Cream - WU-TANG CLAN/METHOD MAN  Cash rules everything around me,CREAM! Get the Money Dolla Dolla bill yall. 

Meaning of CREAM PUFF

CREAM PUFF means: Cream puff is London Cockney rhyming slang for a state of annoyance (huff). Cream puff is British slang for an effeminate man.

Meaning of cream

cream means: Semen. Often used as a 'play' on Chinese cuisine, as "Cream of Sumyungai (some young guy).

Meaning of cream

cream means: Verb. 1. To ejaculate. To cream oneself implies great sexual excitement, but often used figuratively. 2. To succeed. E.g."I thought I'd creamed my exams but I failed all but one."

Meaning of ICE CREAM

ICE CREAM means: Ice cream was British 's slang for a man. Ice cream is slang for a white man.

Meaning of Bootleg

Bootleg means: Generic, not the real thing; Cold stone's ice cream is bootleg, it's nothing compared to thrifty's ice cream.

Meaning of Ice Cream Freezer

Ice Cream Freezer means: Geezer. e's not a bad old ice cream


CREAM CRACKERS means: Cream crackers is London Cockney rhyming slang for testicles (knackers).

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HAEMORRHAGE means: Haemorrhage is American slang for tomato ketchup.


PIG IN THE MIDDLE means: Pig in the middle is London Cockney rhyming slang for urination (piddle).

Meaning of SPASTIC

SPASTIC means: Spastic is derogatory slang for a clumsy, incapable, or incompetent person.

Meaning of Hm

Hm means: Contact me.

Meaning of Full monty

Full monty means: Since the movie has come out of the same name I have heard some odd Texan descriptions of what the full monty means. It really has nothing to do with taking your clothes off. It just means the whole thing or going the whole way. That's it. Clearly when applied to stripping it means not stopping at your underwear! The origins of the expression are still under discussion. There are many theories but no conclusive evidence at the moment.

Meaning of bracelets

bracelets means: A pair of handcuffs.

Meaning of Off the line

Off the line means: Start of a drag race (hot-rodders)

Meaning of AOCIIF

Meaning of CAEHOST

Meaning of JYVYELSE

Meaning of OOMPOILRE

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