Slang Gin Mill means

Gin Mill means: An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Gin Mill?

Gin Mill means: An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.

Meaning of Gin Mill slang

Slang: Gin Mill means: An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.

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Meaning of mill

mill means: a million dollars or a million pounds. Interestingly mill is also a non-slang technical term for a tenth of a USA cent, or one-thousandth of a dollar, which is an accounts term only - there is no coinage for such an amount. The word mill is derived simply from the Latin 'millisimus' meaning a thousandth, and is not anything to do with the milled edge of a coin.

Meaning of run of the mill

run of the mill means: Phrs. Ordinary. E.g."That book you lent me was run of the mill but at least it kept me busy for the day."

Meaning of gin mill

gin mill means: A bar. She dragged me down to some gin mill where her sister sang and hoofed.

Meaning of run of the mill

run of the mill means: Ordinary. [There was nothing special about Travis, he was just run of the mill street kid.].

Meaning of Go Through The Mill

Go Through The Mill means: A metaphor alluding to grain which has been through the mill.

Meaning of PEBBLE MILL

PEBBLE MILL means: Pebble Mill is London Cockney rhyming slang for an illicit drug (pill).

Meaning of RUN OF THE MILL

RUN OF THE MILL means: Run of the mill is slang for ordinary.

Meaning of Gin mill

Gin mill means: Bar

Meaning of Been Through the Mill

Been Through the Mill means: Been through a lot, seen it all.

Meaning of Mill

Mill means: Typewriter

Meaning of Gospel Mill

Gospel Mill means: A church.

Meaning of Bucket Shop

Bucket Shop means: A gin mill or distillery.

Meaning of gin mill

gin mill means: A bar. Let's go see if we can find a gimmick for the evening.

Meaning of MILL

MILL means: Steam locomotive, or typewriter

Meaning of être au four et au moulin

être au four et au moulin means: be in two places at once (lit.: to be at the oven and at the mill)

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defo, double damn defo means: Abbreviation of definitely. Double damn defo was an extension of defo (definitely) to indicate that it was "written in stone...".

Meaning of penis souvenir

penis souvenir means: A sexually-transmitted disease such as syphilis or AIDS.

Meaning of GLASS

GLASS means: hypodermic needle

Meaning of COLUMBIAN

COLUMBIAN means: cannabis

Meaning of MISTER BLUE

MISTER BLUE means: morphine

Meaning of pinnacle

pinnacle means: a conical piece of ice standing out prominently. Sealers use them as markers when they wish to leave any of their impedimenta or seals, so that they can be located easily on return; they were also used to tie vessels onto, for warping through the ice

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hotsy-totsy means: Seemingly excellent, outstanding. Look at Bud with his collar up; he thinks he is such a hotshot.

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Meaning of AOGRUYB

Meaning of WIUGOUGR

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