Slang Gin Mill means

Gin Mill means: An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Gin Mill?

Gin Mill means: An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.

Meaning of Gin Mill slang

Slang: Gin Mill means: An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.

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Meaning of mill

mill means: a million dollars or a million pounds. Interestingly mill is also a non-slang technical term for a tenth of a USA cent, or one-thousandth of a dollar, which is an accounts term only - there is no coinage for such an amount. The word mill is derived simply from the Latin 'millisimus' meaning a thousandth, and is not anything to do with the milled edge of a coin.

Meaning of run of the mill

run of the mill means: Phrs. Ordinary. E.g."That book you lent me was run of the mill but at least it kept me busy for the day."

Meaning of gin mill

gin mill means: A bar. She dragged me down to some gin mill where her sister sang and hoofed.

Meaning of run of the mill

run of the mill means: Ordinary. [There was nothing special about Travis, he was just run of the mill street kid.].

Meaning of Go Through The Mill

Go Through The Mill means: A metaphor alluding to grain which has been through the mill.

Meaning of PEBBLE MILL

PEBBLE MILL means: Pebble Mill is London Cockney rhyming slang for an illicit drug (pill).

Meaning of RUN OF THE MILL

RUN OF THE MILL means: Run of the mill is slang for ordinary.

Meaning of Gin mill

Gin mill means: Bar

Meaning of Been Through the Mill

Been Through the Mill means: Been through a lot, seen it all.

Meaning of Mill

Mill means: Typewriter

Meaning of Gospel Mill

Gospel Mill means: A church.

Meaning of Bucket Shop

Bucket Shop means: A gin mill or distillery.

Meaning of gin mill

gin mill means: A bar. Let's go see if we can find a gimmick for the evening.

Meaning of MILL

MILL means: Steam locomotive, or typewriter

Meaning of être au four et au moulin

être au four et au moulin means: be in two places at once (lit.: to be at the oven and at the mill)

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Meaning of CRATE

CRATE means: Crate is slang for an old car, aeroplane, etc.


DOTS AND CAREFULS means: Dots and carefuls is British racing slang for to be warned.

Meaning of JALOPY

JALOPY means: Jalopy is slang for an old car.

Meaning of chilled

chilled means: Adj. Relaxed.

Meaning of Ginnel

Ginnel means: Girlfriend

Meaning of clothes horse

clothes horse means: Someone obsessed with clothing. Maureen is a clothes horse who spends most of her life shopping.

Meaning of nobby

nobby means: Fashionable. What a nobby hat you have there!

Meaning of chappie

chappie means: The word used in the West of Scotland for the game of "Nicky-knocky-nine-doors". I.e. knocking on doors and running away before the door is answered.


BOLASTERONE means: injectable steroids

Meaning of NEYWOA

Meaning of YCHOAPS

Meaning of GEAFISHE

Meaning of PTUOGRAEJ

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