Slang Apple Pie Order means

Apple Pie Order means: In top shape, perfect order.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Apple Pie Order?

Apple Pie Order means: In top shape, perfect order.

Meaning of Apple Pie Order slang

Slang: Apple Pie Order means: In top shape, perfect order.

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APPLE PIE ORDER means: Apple pie order is American slang for neat and tidy.

Meaning of Apple Pie Order

Apple Pie Order means: In top shape, perfect order.

Meaning of The Apple

The Apple means: New York city. This is now common usage.We got a gig up in "The Apple" at Minton's with Diz and Bird.

Meaning of APPLE SAUCE

APPLE SAUCE means: Apple sauce is British rhyming slang for a horse, particularly a last finishing race horse that 'ran like a pig'.. Apple sauce is American and Canadian slang for nonsense; rubbish.

Meaning of APPLE AND PIP

APPLE AND PIP means: Apple and pip is British rhyming back slang for to urinate (sip).

Meaning of THE BIG APPLE

THE BIG APPLE means: The Big Apple is American slang for New York City.

Meaning of Apple Core

Apple Core means: Score (£20). I gave me last apple to that old paraffin.

Meaning of cider

cider means: n alcoholic apple juice. To Brits all cider is alcoholic — there’s no such thing as “hard cider” in Britain, and any non-alcoholic apple juice is called simply “apple juice.” Cider is often mixed with a small amount of blackcurrant syrup to form a drink imaginatively titled “Cider and black”.


APPLE OF ONE'S EYE means: Apple of one's eye is slang for beloved, sweetheart.

Meaning of APPLE TART

APPLE TART means: Apple tart is British rhyming slang for to break wind from the anus (fart).

Meaning of APPLE PIE

APPLE PIE means: Apple pie is rhyming slang for sky.

Meaning of APPLE

APPLE means: Apple is slang for the head.

Meaning of Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter means: Bitter (beer). I've tried that new apple but I prefer my salmon [Salmon and trout - stout].


GROUND APPLE means: Ground apple is Black−American slang for a brick or rock or stone


APPLE FRITTER means: Apple fritter is London cockney rhyming slang for bitter (beer).

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BETWATTLED means: Betwattled was late th century Dorset British slang for confused, bewildered.

Meaning of RING−PIECE

RING−PIECE means: Ring−piece is slang for the anus.

Meaning of TOM HARRY

TOM HARRY means: Tom Harry is British slang for sick.

Meaning of Mick

Mick means: Noun. An Irishman. From the popular Irish name, Michael. Generally offensive.

Meaning of snot-rocket

snot-rocket means: Noun. An expulsion of mucus from the nose. Done by blocking one nostril with the fingers whilst blowing hard out of the other. See 'snot'.

Meaning of FOB

FOB means: F**k My Life.

Meaning of gatees

gatees means: Ass.

Meaning of Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba means: A black male homosexual.

Meaning of rosebud

rosebud means: The rectal opening, anus; asshole.

Meaning of PTAYTS

Meaning of EOXYEGU

Meaning of STEOCKOY

Meaning of MEAKYGROO

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