Slang Cash In means

Cash In means: To die.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Cash In?

Cash In means: To die.

Meaning of Cash In slang

Slang: Cash In means: To die.

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Meaning of JOHNNY CASH

JOHNNY CASH means: Johnny Cash is British slang for hashish.Johnny Cash is London Cockney rhyming slang for to urinate (slash).

Meaning of PAT CASH

PAT CASH means: Pat cash is London Cockney rhyming Slang for to urinate (slash).


CASH AND CARRY means: Cash and carry is London Cockney rhyming slang for marry.


CASH AND CARRIED means: Cash and carried is London Cockney rhyming slang for married.

Meaning of strapped (... for cash)

strapped (... for cash) means: Without money "Gawd I'd love a pint but I'm strapped for cash.".


STRAPPED FOR CASH means: Strapped for cash is British slang for short of money.

Meaning of DOT AND DASH

DOT AND DASH means: Dot and dash is London Cockney rhyming slang for cash. Dot and cash is British slang for a moustache.

Meaning of CASH IN

CASH IN means: Cash in is slang for to die.

Meaning of Imprest

Imprest means: An accountable stock or cash. Persons who are responsible for holding stock and/or cash are said to be holding an "imprest".

Meaning of cream

cream means: n. cash, or money; a term made popular by Method Man and the Wu Tang Clan.  "Don’t trip son, I got that cream."  Lyrical reference: Cream - WU-TANG CLAN/METHOD MAN  Cash rules everything around me,CREAM! Get the Money Dolla Dolla bill yall. 

Meaning of Cash In

Cash In means: To die.

Meaning of cash in

cash in means: v To die.

Meaning of Cash

Cash means: a kiss.

Meaning of cash

cash means: a way to say money

Meaning of blé

blé means: cash; money

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Meaning of CLOBBER

CLOBBER means: Clobber is slang for to beat or batter.Clobber is British slang for personal belongings, such as clothes and accessories. Clobber is Polarislang for clothes.


GET ONES RUG BEAT means: Get ones rug beat is Black−American slang for to get a haircut

Meaning of duckin' and diving

duckin' and diving means: Phrs. A non-committal catch-phrase reply to the questioning of one's recent activities, usually asked at a reunion. Occasionally expression is completed with finishing phrase, fuckin' and skiving.

Meaning of pig

pig means: Glutton. He is a pig at parties.

Meaning of stroll

stroll means: The street or place that a hustler goes to sell his ass.

Meaning of COCOA PUFF

COCOA PUFF means: to smoke cocaine and marijuana

Meaning of hosed

hosed means: Drunk, intoxicated. If my parents find out about this, I'm hosed.

Meaning of ZYIHUY

Meaning of OAKAUMT

Meaning of UPTUIZUO

Meaning of YORTIASTA

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