Slang Dead Meat means

Dead Meat means: A corpse.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Dead Meat?

Dead Meat means: A corpse.

Meaning of Dead Meat slang

Slang: Dead Meat means: A corpse.

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Meaning of DEAD MEAT

DEAD MEAT means: Dead meat is slang for a person who is dead, about to die or inevitably doomed.

Meaning of Dead Meat

Dead Meat means: A corpse.

Meaning of Dead Meat

Dead Meat means: Something that almost certain to happen

Meaning of Making Meat

Making Meat means: On the Western prairies, cutting into thin slices the boneless parts of the buffalo, or other meat, and drying them in the wind or sun. Meat thus prepared may be preserved for years without salt.

Meaning of Dead Marine

Dead Marine means: Dead Soldier: An expression used for an empty bottle of wine, spirit or beer. Originally the expression was "dead Marine." In the late 1700 Duke of Clarence ordered the steward to remove the "dead marines" to make room for new bottles.

Meaning of Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning means: The estimation of a ship's position from the distance run by the log and the courses steered by the compass, with corrections for current, leeway, etc., but without astronomical observations. Hence dead lattitude, that computed by dead reckoning.

Meaning of RAW MEAT

RAW MEAT means: Raw meat is slang for the sex organs. Raw meat is slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of beat the meat

beat the meat means: Verb. To masturbate. E.g."My son seems to be preoccupied with beating his meat at every possible hour of the day."

Meaning of meat curtains

meat curtains means: Labia. A.k.a 'pussy flaps'. e.g "I spread her meat cutains and sucked her clit".

Meaning of DOG'S MEAT

DOG'S MEAT means: Dog's meat is London Cockney rhyming slang for feet.

Meaning of PIG MEAT

PIG MEAT means: Pig meat is Black−American slang for an older woman


DEAD MAN'S THROTTLE means: Throttle that requires pressure of operator's hand or foot to prevent power shut-off and application of brakes. An engine so equipped would stop instantly if the operator fell dead. Also called dead man's button

Meaning of meat

meat means: n 1. Something that one enjoys or excels in: Tennis is his meat. 2. a. The human body regarded as an object of sexual desire. b. The genitals.

Meaning of Make Dead Men Chew

Make Dead Men Chew means: If it was said of somebody that he would ‘make dead men chew’, it meant he was a scurrilous cheat and thief. It is an 18th century expression used of pursers who “sold” tobacco to dead men who had died on voyage by entering the transaction in their books. The term also applied to those who drew the pay and victuals for those who had died or jumped ship.

Meaning of Dead Horse

Dead Horse means: (1) Dead Horse (Flogging a dead horse): The term "flogging a dead horse" alludes to the difficulty of getting any extra work from a crew during a celebration held by British crews when they had been at sea four weeks and had worked off their initial advance (often one month's pay). At the expiration of the first month of the voyage, it was at one time customary to hoist in the rigging a canvas effigy of a horse. (2)Seaman's term for the period of work on board ship for which he has been paid in advance when signing on.

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ASK FOR A PIECE OF WIFE means: Ask for a piece of wife is Jamaican slang for to ask a woman for sexual intercourse.


BLUBBER HEAD means: Blubber head is British slang for a fool.

Meaning of BLUE ANGEL

BLUE ANGEL means: Blue angel is American slang for a capsule or pill of the barbiturate Amytal.

Meaning of Stan

Stan means: Selfie Sunday.

Meaning of LYCYLBB

LYCYLBB means: Love You, See You Later, Bye Bye

Meaning of Tesco

Tesco means: (ed: wasn't sure whether to put this in Seedy Songs or here. This won!) This was not so much a word but a song. It went: Lets all go to Tesco's Where [John's] mum buys his best clothes Nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah It was chanted at the kids who came to school in scabby clothing or fake designer goods which were so obviously fake. Not sure if it originated from someone bringing it back to our school or because a big Tesco store was built in the town which started to sell clothes at cheap prices. This went on particuarly when there was all that fuss a few years back with Tesco's stocking Levi's jeans and the people at Levi's not being very happy about it. Didn't matter that they were real Levi jeans - just that you were too cheap to buy them for full price at a proper jeans shop!! It wasn't really just a word either, it was a song. We wouldn't, for example, call "John" a Tesco, the song would just be sung relentlessly at him and he would never ever come to school in that jumper/trousers/shoes/whatever again. By the time we'd gone into 6th Form we were much more mature and never sang such silly things! (ed: yeah right... )

Meaning of jack

jack means: Money. Somebody

Meaning of DAUXIO

Meaning of HOUXOIN

Meaning of SHERDAUD

Meaning of THAUGNIYT

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