Slang Pop Skull means

Pop Skull means: Whiskey.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Pop Skull?

Pop Skull means: Whiskey.

Meaning of Pop Skull slang

Slang: Pop Skull means: Whiskey.

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Meaning of SKULL

SKULL means: Skull is slang for a chief or an expert. Skull is American slang for the head.Skull is American slang for to strike a person on the head. Skull is American slang for fellatio.Skull is Australian slang for to drink alcohol.


OUT OF ONE'S SKULL means: Out of one's skull is slang for crazy.Out of one's skull is slang for intoxicated by drugs or drink.

Meaning of noogie

noogie means: Rapid hitting on the skull with a knuckle, also forcefully rubbing the knuckles back and forth on the top of the skull (actions depend on which part of the country you live).

Meaning of IRON SKULL

IRON SKULL means: Boilermaker. (Jim Jeffries, one-time champion prize fighter, worked as an iron skull for years)

Meaning of A SKULL

A SKULL means: A skull is slang for per person.


WHIP SOME SKULL means: Whip some skull is American slang for to perform fellatio.


SKULL ORCHARD means: Skull orchard is slang for a cemetery.


BORED OUT OF ONE'S SKULL means: Bored out of one's skull is slang for extremely bored.

Meaning of Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger means: (1) The Jolly Roger is the name given to any of various flags flown to identify a ship's crew as pirates. (2) The flag most usually identified as the Jolly Roger today is the skull and crossbones, being a flag consisting of a skull above two long bones set in an x-mark arrangement on a black field. This design was used by four pirates, captains Edward England, John Taylor, Sam Bellamy and John Martel. Despite its prominence in popular culture, plain black flags were often employed by most pirates in the 17th-18th century.

Meaning of Pop Skull

Pop Skull means: Whiskey.

Meaning of Skull

Skull means: A Z-95 Headhunter, in TIE pilot slang.

Meaning of Skull

Skull means: The head man anywhere, such as a miner owner or the president.

Meaning of Brain Housing Group

Brain Housing Group means: A sailor's head, or skull.

Meaning of Brain Housing Group

Brain Housing Group means: Mocktechnical term for the skull.

Meaning of Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger means: The famous pirate flag with a skull and crossbones on it

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Meaning of SABU

SABU means: Sabu is British slang for an Indian person.

Meaning of fart about / around

fart about / around means: Verb. To mess around, to waste time.

Meaning of screw you!

screw you! means: Verb. A rebuke such as 'get lost' or 'fuck you'.

Meaning of gross-out

gross-out means: To disgust. The party was a gross-out.

Meaning of shit-faced

shit-faced means: Disgustingly drunk.

Meaning of tunnel

tunnel means: The rectal opening, anus; asshole.

Meaning of Bees

Bees means: American cheese

Meaning of Thats Smashing

Thats Smashing means: that is awesome, cool, and great. "That show was smashing baby yeah!"

Meaning of Hobble

Hobble means: A scrape, a state of perplexity

Meaning of Niglige

Niglige means: This describes the snow that piles up on the side of the street that turns black. To make a black snowman, you use niglige.

Meaning of EYLSUE

Meaning of IONGOOZ

Meaning of EYNSOOFT

Meaning of OARGIERSI

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