Slang Snapped means

Snapped means: Drunk.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Snapped?

Snapped means: Drunk.

Meaning of Snapped slang

Slang: Snapped means: Drunk.

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Meaning of Snapped

Snapped means: Drunk.

Meaning of snappers

snappers means: [the ampule containing the drug is snapped open] amyl nitrite capsules

Meaning of popeye

popeye means: Either during dinner or directly outside the school gates, along with white dog turds and shredded pornography (if there was a park or alley near to your school), there was an ice cream van that used to sell a Popeye - essentially a small ice cream cone (or 'cornet') but where a flake insertion would produce a "99" alternatively a thin fruit lolly was stuck in (invariably one half of those 'double lollies' which had 2 sticks, snapped in half lengthways) - no idea in hell why it was called a Popeye, anyone know? But also a name called to any one during the course of 'play'/'break' who had something long (stick/ cricket bat/long boot bag, stuffed down the back of their coat at the neck, thus resembling (vaguely at best), said ice cream.

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AMBER NECTAR means: Amber nectar is Australian slang for beer.

Meaning of SLOPE

SLOPE means: Slope is slang for to depart; to disappear suddenly.Slope is derogatory slang for an oriental, especially a Vietnamese.

Meaning of Electric Soup

Electric Soup means: Large amount of effort

Meaning of aight

aight means: all right

Meaning of off one’s tits

off one’s tits means: adj high (on drugs): I’ve no idea how she got up there, I was off my tits from about nine o’clock onwards. Perhaps she jumped? Ah, you see, you thought I was going to copy-paste the previous entry again. Well, rest assured that I would have done had it meant the same thing.

Meaning of purse

purse means: n money-purse. A little bag that women generally keep money in. Brits call anything larger than a money-purse a “handbag.”

Meaning of pull an all-nighter

pull an all-nighter means: To do the sex act fuck with someone all night.

Meaning of Clutched

Clutched means: Rejected

Meaning of PEAKED END

PEAKED END means: Head end of train. Also pointed or sharp end

Meaning of EUBEIK

Meaning of EEMPOUJ

Meaning of POGLITSO

Meaning of IYDSOYGEY

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