Slang Stomp means

Stomp means: Dance.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Stomp?

Stomp means: Dance.

Meaning of Stomp slang

Slang: Stomp means: Dance.

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Meaning of Stomp!

Stomp! means: Dancing all night, like inviting everyone to a disco. "Baby, you wantta Stomp?" Something the kids in my neighborhood used to say, maybe in yours too.

Meaning of STOMP

STOMP means: Stomp is slang for to physically assault someone, to beat up.

Meaning of STOMP ON

STOMP ON means: Stomp on is slang for to physically assault someone.

Meaning of KICK STOMP

KICK STOMP means: Kick stomp is American slang for to dance.

Meaning of Stomp

Stomp means: Dance.

Meaning of stomp on

stomp on means: Verb. To physically assault (someone).

Meaning of stomp

stomp means: Dilute drugs. Nothing stokes me like a good basketball game.

Meaning of stone

stone means: A slow car. By the time the dealers stomp the drugs, they hardly give you a buzz.

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