Slang Tear Squeezer means

Tear Squeezer means: A sad story.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Tear Squeezer?

Tear Squeezer means: A sad story.

Meaning of Tear Squeezer slang

Slang: Tear Squeezer means: A sad story.

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Meaning of Tear Squeezer

Tear Squeezer means: A sad story.

Meaning of SQUEEZER

SQUEEZER means: Squeezer is slang for a pimple.


LEMON SQUEEZER means: Lemon squeezer is London Cockney rhyming slang for man (geezer).

Meaning of TEAR IT UP

TEAR IT UP means: Tear it up is American slang for approach something with abandon. Tear it up is Jazz slang for play unrestrainedly and with verve.

Meaning of TEAR

TEAR means: Tear is American and Australian slang for a spree or prolonged drinking bout. Tear is American sport slang for a successful run, a winning streak.

Meaning of tear-arse about / around

tear-arse about / around means: Verb. To hurry about, hinting at frantic haste. E.g."I've been tear-arsing about from one meeting to the next and without a break all day."

Meaning of RIP AND TEAR

RIP AND TEAR means: Rip and tear is London Cockney rhyming slang for swear.

Meaning of TEAR OFF A BIT

TEAR OFF A BIT means: Tear off a bit is Australian slang for copulate with a woman.

Meaning of tear

tear means: To leave quickly; "You ready to go? Let's tear."

Meaning of TEAR ONE OFF

TEAR ONE OFF means: Tear one off is slang for to seduce, to have sex.

Meaning of Lemon Squeezer

Lemon Squeezer means: Geezer


TEAR OFF A PIECE means: Tear off a piece is Australian slang for have sex.

Meaning of TBH

TBH means: Can be made tear off a piece: To do the sex act fuck to someone. tear off a piece of as: To do the sex act fuck to someone.

Meaning of On the tear

On the tear means: to go out drinking

Meaning of tear off a piece

tear off a piece means: To do the sex act; to fuck someone.

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Meaning of BARNET

BARNET means: Barnet (from Barnet fair) is London Cockney rhyming slang for hair.

Meaning of OPPO

OPPO means: Oppo is British slang for opposite number, partner. Oppo is British slang for a military operation.

Meaning of T.S.

T.S. means: T.S. is American military slang for tough shit; tough situation; tough stuff; typescript.

Meaning of bore shitless

bore shitless means: Verb. Bore completely. E.g."I was bored shitless by her talking non-stop about her family."

Meaning of arse jockey

arse jockey means: Homosexual.


HAND-TO-HAND MAN means: transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack

Meaning of Liver Lips

Liver Lips means: Self Explanatory

Meaning of indie

indie means: rock music not released by major music labels

Meaning of nuke

nuke means: to attack with nuclear weapons; to destroy

Meaning of EANSOE

Meaning of NUIMOES

Meaning of IAPADROY

Meaning of AUPHYADRO

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