Slang Uncorkin' a Bronc means

Uncorkin' a Bronc means: Breaking a horse.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Uncorkin' a Bronc?

Uncorkin' a Bronc means: Breaking a horse.

Meaning of Uncorkin' a Bronc slang

Slang: Uncorkin' a Bronc means: Breaking a horse.

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Meaning of Uncorkin' a Bronc

Uncorkin' a Bronc means: Breaking a horse.

Meaning of Bronc Buster

Bronc Buster means: A cowboy who could tame wild horses. Contrary to popular thinking, not all cowboys could ride just any horse, though most could ride any broken mount. But the bronc buster, also called a "bonc peeler" and a "bronc breaker," was a breed apart. These men, with a special type of "horse sense" earned not only the esteem of the other cowboys, but usually better wages.

Meaning of Uncorkin' a bronc  –

Uncorkin' a bronc  – means: breaking a horse.

Meaning of bronc, bronk

bronc, bronk means: Catamite.

Meaning of Crackerbox

Crackerbox means: A rodeo rider's term for a bronc saddle.

Meaning of Bronc buster

Bronc buster means:   cowboy who could tame wild horses.

Meaning of Eight seconds

Eight seconds means: an oft-cited length of time by cowboys, referring to the amount a time a bronc-rider must stay on a horse to qualify.

Meaning of .

. means: Eight seconds an oft-cited length of time by cowboys, referring to the amount a time a bronc-rider must stay on a horse to qualify

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