Slang Wait On means

Wait On means: To court.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Wait On?

Wait On means: To court.

Meaning of Wait On slang

Slang: Wait On means: To court.

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Meaning of momento

momento means: wait; wait a second; wait a moment. (used when asking someone to wait briefly)

Meaning of Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait means: A typical situation where something is rushed into by personnel, but some form of delay forces them to wait.

Meaning of hold up

hold up means: (pronounced hole up) A phrase used to get someone to wait, as if to say  "Wait, hold on a second." 

Meaning of Beneaped

Beneaped means: A situation where a vessel has gone aground at the top of the spring tides and has to wait for up to a fortnight (during which the neap tides occur) for the next tide high enough to float her off. Vessels beneaped at around the time of the equinoxes when the highest spring tides occur may have to wait up to 6 months to get off.

Meaning of field

field means: The field was not just the grass playing field, but anything green (apart from the walled shrubbery at our school which was out of bounds anyway). Every year around April you'd wait for the whisper to go around - "field!" - which meant the caretaker had decided we could go on the grass again. In a wet spring you might wait until late May, and Field was banned again by late October most years. Ditch, however, was out of bounds all year around, and thus the cool place to hide at all times. Going Ditch in winter was the ultimate in "hardness", although you always got found out because of the mud.

Meaning of W8

W8 means: Wait

Meaning of Emo

Emo means: Don't Wait Up.

Meaning of ICW

ICW means: I Can't Wait

Meaning of BWTM

BWTM means: But Wait, There's More

Meaning of Wait On

Wait On means: To court.

Meaning of ysdiw8

ysdiw8 means: why should i wait?

Meaning of Lay dead

Lay dead means: To wait or pause (thanks to Jim Hip)

Meaning of mo

mo means: Noun. Abb. of moment. E.g."Just a mo, wait there and I'll be with you in one minute."

Meaning of Hang on a tick

Hang on a tick means: wait a minute

Meaning of être aux aguets

être aux aguets means: lie in wait; be on one’s guard

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Meaning of CORPSE

CORPSE means: Corpse is British slang for to kill.Corpse is theatre slang for to laugh or cause to laugh involuntarily or inopportunely while on stage.

Meaning of go ballistic

go ballistic means: Verb. To explode with fury.

Meaning of give the finger

give the finger means: Stick up the middle finger. I told him his mother wears combat boots and he gave me the finger.

Meaning of sap

sap means: To hit, to club. The police sapped all the strikers and chased them away.

Meaning of acid head

acid head means: One heavily into the use of LSD.

Meaning of greb

greb means: Gob of spittle and mucus snorted back from the nose and ejected. Used as "I grebbed in Dave's parka hood!".

Meaning of Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove means: Love. All right me old turtle.

Meaning of looker

looker means: a good-looking man or woman, an attractive person

Meaning of JEONYI

Meaning of XIXOILR

Meaning of AOCHANSO

Meaning of PEYLAEMAU

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