Slang GENERALISE means

GENERALISE means: Generalise was old slang for a shilling.

What is the slang definition/meaning of GENERALISE?

GENERALISE means: Generalise was old slang for a shilling.

Meaning of GENERALISE slang

Slang: GENERALISE means: Generalise was old slang for a shilling.

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GENERALISE means: Generalise was old slang for a shilling.

Meaning of generalise/generalize

generalise/generalize means: a shilling (1/-), from the mid 1800s, thought to be backslang. Also meant to lend a shilling, apparently used by the middle classes, presumably to avoid embarrassment. Given that backslang is based on phonetic word sound not spelling, the conversion of shilling to generalize is just about understandable, if somewhat tenuous, and in the absence of other explanation is the only known possible derivation of this odd slang.

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kit means: n sports uniform (e.g. rugby kit, football kit). More generally in the U.K., kit refers to the equipment necessary to perform a particular task - usually, though not always, sporting. The boundary is woolly to such a degree that it’s difficult to generalise - I’ve heard all sorts of things from parachutes to computers referred to as “kit.” nice piece of kit an item particularly good at performing its task in hand. Again it could refer to pretty much anything, though I think you’d be more likely to describe your new camera as a nice piece of kit than, say, your fiancé.

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