Slang Due backs means

Due backs means: Pack of cigarettes (courtesy of Jim Hip)

What is the slang definition/meaning of Due backs?

Due backs means: Pack of cigarettes (courtesy of Jim Hip)

Meaning of Due backs slang

Slang: Due backs means: Pack of cigarettes (courtesy of Jim Hip)

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Meaning of backs

backs means: Butt [I am go to get the new boys backs].

Meaning of beast with two backs

beast with two backs means: Noun. A man and woman engaged in the act of sexual intercourse. An expression whose usage dates from at least as early as 1604, being mentioned in Shakespeare's Othello. E.g."Your daughter and the Moore are making the beast with two backs" [1600s]

Meaning of Due backs

Due backs means: Pack of cigarettes (courtesy of Jim Hip)

Meaning of Moss-backs

Moss-backs means: Old fogies, men behind the times, slow to learn

Meaning of RANKER

RANKER means: Ranker is American slang for a person who backs out of a commitment.

Meaning of hard way

hard way means: Prison terms for an inmates ass that it open for sexual consideration to be raped. ["Look punk you can give up your backs, or you can go the hard way!"].

Meaning of fairy loop

fairy loop means: The 'loop' on the back of a boys/mans 'Oxford' type shirt. Lord knows what it's purpose was but it was fun ripping them off the victims backs!

Meaning of knock back

knock back means: refusal ‘l got knock backs all day.’

Meaning of Cat-O'-Nine-Tails

Cat-O'-Nine-Tails means: Or just "cat" -- a whip with many lashes, used for flogging. "A taste of the cat" might refer to a full flogging, or just a single blow to "smarten up" a recalcitrant hand, the punishment where seamen were flogged on their bare backs.

Meaning of backs to the wall

backs to the wall means: Phrs. A homophobic comment and warning to fellow heterosexuals that contact with a gay male is likely or happening. From the misconception that all gay males will endevour, or want to have anal intercourse with any male. Derog.

Meaning of comb-over

comb-over means: Style of haircut, which looks almost like a quasi-shreddie. Is used to describe both the style and the person employing it. The gentleman, who is almost bald, insists on growing the remaining hairs at the side of his head long enough to comb them over the rest of the scalp. This, they misguidedly believe, gives the illusion of having hair whereas, in fact, it makes them look like a pathetic twodge that everyone laughs at behind their backs, and occasionally to their faces.

Meaning of DUTCH DROP

DUTCH DROP means: Rarely used method of bringing a car onto the main line from a spur. The engine heads into the spur, couples head-on to the car, and backs out. When the car is moving fast enough the engine is cut off, speeds up to get back on the main line before the car, then moves forward ahead of the junction between the main line and the spur so the car rolls out behind the engine

Meaning of bonk

bonk means: Sexual intercourse Originally from a UK TV show called Tis Was - introduced by Chris Tarrant amongst others. The show, originally a childrens programme, was famous for many oddball jokes and even created a "hit" dance called, the "Dying Fly" which pretty much revolved around people lying on the floor on their backs and waving arms and legs in the air. And who will ever forget "The Bucket Song'??? (ed: well me obviously cos I don't have any lyrics) Anyway... Bonk was reportedly created by reversing the word "knob" and applying it as a description to women's 'naughty bits'. It quickly mutated into a euphemism for the sexual act itself. It spread over the world and and has remained a favourite substitute for other better known but more offensive anglo-saxon terms for sexual intercourse. (ed: by the way... if anyone has the words to "The Bucket Song" I'd much appreciate them)

Meaning of wad bombs

wad bombs means: At the contributors Lincolnshire secondary school, they called Wasp Shits, Wad Bombs (pronounced Wod-Bombs). Wadbombs were almost always fired with a 6 inch ruler (never 12 inch), or sometimes with the barrel of a biro. Often coloured, wadbombs would be used on white ceilings for maximum effect, and often paper was substituted for a chewed Bubbaloo sweet. One particular wad bomb remained on the physics room ceiling for at least seven years. Often, games revolved around attempting to fire wad bombs at a model human body (maximum points gained if the head was struck), trying to create the loudest sound by flicking a massive, sopping wet wadbomb on the ceiling during a quiet part of the lesson, all-out wadbomb wars involving firing wadbombs at point-blank range at someones face, and most dangerous off all, attempting to fire small wadbombs right in front of the teacher's face as they wrote on the blackboard, with their backs us. Only one boy succeeded, and was praised for the rest of his school career, for superb aim, technique, and above all, balls.

Meaning of joey

joey means: An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. Derived from Joey Deacon an elderly man suffering from cerebral palsy who regularly featured on television 1980-85. Another contributor supplied the following entered verbatim: To infer that the recipient was, in some manner, mentally impaired or stupid, In widespread use (in my experience) throughout London schools in the early 1980's. Derives from Joey Deacon, an unfortunate, severely mentally handicapped man featured on children's TV show Blue Peter. Or rather, thrown in front of a camera crew & routinely patronized once a week by Simon Groom & his lover, platinum quadruped Goldie. Originally intended to improve children's understanding of the plight of the disabled. Failed. Alan wasn't too impressed with the above - also entered verbatim: I appreciate that the additional entry is verbatim from the contributor, but there are two main errors in it. First he means "imply" and not "infer" - a common mistake by joeys - and also states that Joey Deacon was severely mentally handicapped. In fact he suffered from cerebral palsy (as your main entry states) which is a physical handicap not a mental one. I would add that, round my way, the preferred gesture to accompany the call of "Joey Deacon!!" (for some reason we always used the full name) was to clap the backs of the hands together, in imitation I suppose of a physically handicapped person. Nice.

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Meaning of LOUIE

LOUIE means: Louie is British slang for a sixteenth of an ounce of marijuana. Louie is American slang for a left−hand turn.

Meaning of NOT ON

NOT ON means: Not on is British slang for unacceptable.

Meaning of BFF

BFF means: Best Friends Forever -or- Best Friend's Funeral

Meaning of 50-50 joe

50-50 joe means: Coffee with half-and-half

Meaning of Shunt

Shunt means: To move, turn aside.

Meaning of JUICE

JUICE means: steroids

Meaning of to be bent on doing something

to be bent on doing something means: to be very determined to do something

Meaning of Chaunting lay

Chaunting lay means:   Street singing (hopefully for money)

Meaning of Patterer

Patterer means:   Someone who earns by recitation or hawker's sales talk, esp. by hawking newspapers

Meaning of OEFEIP

Meaning of OITSOOM

Meaning of SAIGYOPH

Meaning of FAILOUPSY

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