Slang Off the line means

Off the line means: Start of a drag race (hot-rodders)

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Off the line means: Start of a drag race (hot-rodders)

Meaning of Off the line slang

Slang: Off the line means: Start of a drag race (hot-rodders)

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Meaning of queue

queue means: n, v, pron. “cue” line. This doesn’t really help the definition at all, as a line could be any number of things. A pencil line? A railway line? A line of Charlie? A line dancer? As a result of this potentially dangerous confusion, a word was developed by some British word-scientists to separate this particular line from all the others. A queue is a line of people. To queue is to be one of those queuing in the queue. The word means “tail” in French, and is used in the same context. Americans do in fact use the word, but only in the “you’re third in the queue” type telephone call waiting systems.

Meaning of Line Throwing Gun

Line Throwing Gun means: A smooth bore gun that is used to launch a rubber-tipped projectile with a light line attached. It is used for passing a line to another ship, or ashore, at greater distances than a line may be thrown by hand.

Meaning of Water-line

Water-line means: The line of floatation of a ship; the line supposed to be described on the hull by the surface of the water when a ship is afloat. Often the proper line of floatation when the ship is fully laden. Light Water-line: the line of floatation of a ship without cargo.

Meaning of LINE

LINE means: Line is slang for cocaine.Line is slang for a portion of a powdered drug for snorting.Line is slang for something said for effect, especially to solicit for money, sex, etc.

Meaning of Rhumb Line

Rhumb Line means: A straight line compass course between two points. A line on the earth's surface which intersects all meridians at the same angle.

Meaning of Three-Nine Line

Three-Nine Line means: Imaginary line across your airplane’s wingspan. A primary goal in ACM is to keep your adversary in front of your threenine line.

Meaning of Toe the Line

Toe the Line means: On parade, sailors were required to stand in line, their toes in line with a straight seam on the deck.

Meaning of Messenger

Messenger means: A small line used to pull a heavier line or cable. The messenger line is usually easier to throw, lead through holes or otherwise manipulate than the line that it will be used to pull.

Meaning of Topping Lift

Topping Lift means: (1) A line by which the end of a spar is hoisted or lowered. (2) A line that holds up the boom when it is not being used. (3) A line from the upper mast which controls the height of the spinnaker pole.


CRISSCROSSING means: the practice of setting up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin. The user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half of each line. Then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted.

Meaning of crisscrossing

crisscrossing means: The practice of setting up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin. The user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half of each line. Then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted

Meaning of Heaving Line

Heaving Line means: A light line that is coiled up and then heaved across to a jetty or another ship in an attempt to pass a line. It is weighted at one end using a special knot called a "Monkey's Fist", which is normally surrounding a lead weight.

Meaning of Bow Spring Line

Bow Spring Line means: A bow pivot line used in docking and undocking, or a dock line leading aft from the bow to prevent the boat from moving forward while made fast to a dock or pier.

Meaning of Breast Line

Breast Line means: A docking line going at approximately a right angle from the boat to the dock, preventing movement away from the dock. Also known as a Waist Line.

Meaning of Chase the Lubber's Line

Chase the Lubber's Line means: A situation when an inexperienced helmsman steers in the opposite direction required, and then continues to do so in an attempt to correct. On a gyro repeater the lubbers' line is the indicator of the ship's head. The correct method is to steer the lubber's line toward the desired course, and not to attempt to direct the desired course toward the lubber's line.

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Meaning of CHILL OUT

CHILL OUT means: Chill out is slang for relax.

Meaning of POOFIST

POOFIST means: Poofist is British slang for a homophobe.

Meaning of family jewels

family jewels means: Noun. A jocular euphemism for the male genitals, emphasising their personal importance. Not heard very often and occasionally shortened to 'jewels'.

Meaning of BYKI

BYKI means: Before You Know It

Meaning of run around

run around means: To associate with. Rodney runs around with a shady crowd.

Meaning of hold your corner

hold your corner means: Maintain fighting stance. Do not surrender. When in a fight e.g. "Chaaa man, hold your corner, before I bruk you upside the head" Meaning, if you're gonna fight then fight, don't be a pussy and back down.

Meaning of Ride a Shank's Mare

Ride a Shank's Mare means: To walk or be set afoot.

Meaning of fun-maker

fun-maker means: a person who ridicules another

Meaning of Mum, Mummy, Ma or Mam

Mum, Mummy, Ma or Mam means: Mother

Meaning of OZIOSA

Meaning of AELTAUZ

Meaning of AUTSOADR

Meaning of SHOASTOUV

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