Slang Word from the bird means

Word from the bird means: The truth (Beats)

What is the slang definition/meaning of Word from the bird?

Word from the bird means: The truth (Beats)

Meaning of Word from the bird slang

Slang: Word from the bird means: The truth (Beats)

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Meaning of word from the bird

word from the bird means: The truth. No school tomorrow and that's the word from the bird!

Meaning of bird

bird means: pron. “beud” (London); “burd” (Scotland) n woman. Well, not really. Bird is used by blokes looking upon the fairer sex with a slightly more carnal eye. It’s not quite at the stage of treating women as objects but the implication is certainly there: I shagged some random bird last night (a popular usage), or: Hey, Andy, I think those birds over there are looking at us. You’d never describe your grandmother as a bird. It’s popular in Scotland to refer to one’s girlfriend as “ma burd” — but do it in front of her and you’ll be choking teeth. About the only thing worse would be to call her “ma bint,” which will warrant a foot in the testicles and a loose tongue concerning your sexual prowess. The word itself is derived from the Old Norse word for “woman,” and the closest American English equivalent would probably be “chick.”

Meaning of flip the bird

flip the bird means: Stick up the middle finger. I told him his dad word panty-hose and he flipped me the bird.

Meaning of EARLY BIRD

EARLY BIRD means: Early bird is London Cockney rhyming slang for advice, talk (word).

Meaning of bird

bird means: Noun. 1. A female. Use can be taken as offensive. E.g."Did you see that bird at the back of the bus!" 2. A girlfiend, when used in conjunction with a possessive pronoun, such as my bird. 3. Time spent in prison. E.g."I did 20 years bird before I learnt how to control my temper and keep out of trouble."

Meaning of DICKY BIRD

DICKY BIRD means: Dicky bird is London Cockney rhyming slang for word.

Meaning of dicky-bird

dicky-bird means: Noun. Rhyming slang for word. Usually heard in a negative sense. E.g."We've not heard a dicky-bird from Andy since he moved."

Meaning of BIRD

BIRD means: Bird is British slang for a woman.Bird (shortened from bird lime) is slang for a prison term (do time).

Meaning of word from the bird

word from the bird means: The truth. So, what's the word, man?

Meaning of bird

bird means: n 1. A rocket, guided missile, satellite, or airplane. 2. A person, especially one who is odd or remarkable: a sly old bird. 3. A young woman. 4. a. A loud sound expressing disapproval; a raspberry. b. Discharge from employment: lost a big sale and nearly got the bird.

Meaning of Dicky Bird

Dicky Bird means: Word

Meaning of egg bound

egg bound means: To be constipated due to eating too many eggs. Included, because it's such a nice word - regardless of whether eggs DO cause constipation or not. It's been suggested that the term "Egg bound" is used when a bird cannot deliver her egg - usually resulting in death to the poor bird. Which fits with the slang term and doesn't require eggs to cause one to be constipated... so there ya go!

Meaning of Word from the bird

Word from the bird means: The truth (Beats)

Meaning of Wow!

Wow! means: An interjection of surprise. No school tomorrow and that's the word from the bird!

Meaning of bird

bird means: A term for a young girl.  "Look at that bird over there by the food court...I'ma go and scoop that."  2. n. A pound of drugs; usually cocaine packaged in the shape of a brick. A brick of cocaine.  "Yo, you got that bird on you." 

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Meaning of IRON GIRDER

IRON GIRDER means: Iron girder is London Cockney rhyming slang for murder.

Meaning of SCHIZO

SCHIZO means: Schizo is slang for schizophrenic but more generally applied to a person showing mental problems and incapabilities.

Meaning of council pop

council pop means: Noun. Water. Cf. 'corporation pop'.

Meaning of dosser

dosser means: Noun. 1. A person who sleeps rough, a homeless person. Derog. 2. A person who lives by exerting the least amount of personal effort. Derog.

Meaning of spuggy

spuggy means: Noun. A sparrow. E.g."The only wildlife they ever saw were hundreds of spuggies. You could tell they lived in Newcastle city centre." [N.E./N. Yorkshire use]

Meaning of chopper

chopper means: Tooth. My dad's teeth were bad but he bought a new set of choppers last week.

Meaning of Bonobo

Bonobo means: There are two species of chimpanzee the chimpanzee itseif (Pan troglody [trog-lo-DIE-tees] and the pygmy chimpanzee or bonobo (Pan paniscus [pa-NIS-kuss]).The pygmy chimpanzee [bonobo] was been recognized as a separate species in 1933, when zoologists decided they differed. However, the pygmy chimpanzee is very similar to the common chimpanzee. Both species of chimpanzees, are vary sexually preconious, and have female-female, male-male sexual contact. bonobo monkey are sexually precocious, known to have sex hourly.

Meaning of flat tire

flat tire means: A stupid female. He was running the car flat-out.

Meaning of OACHOY

Meaning of EENIUZA

Meaning of GLIKREPS

Meaning of OZYUGHOIM

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