GANGSTER PILLS means: depressant

What is the slang definition/meaning of GANGSTER PILLS?

GANGSTER PILLS means: depressant

Meaning of GANGSTER PILLS slang

Slang: GANGSTER PILLS means: depressant

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Meaning of gangster pills

gangster pills means: Depressants


GANGSTER PILLS means: depressant

Meaning of GANGSTER

GANGSTER means: Gangster is Jamaican slang for a criminal, usually an armed robber.

Meaning of wanksta

wanksta means: Someone who pretends to be a gangster. Contraction of "whack gangster."

Meaning of PILLS

PILLS means: Pills is slang for hydromorphone hydrochloride. Pills is slang for testicles.

Meaning of speed

speed means: (1) amphetamines (2) caffeine pills (3) diet pills

Meaning of littles

littles means: Noun. Pills, or more commonly ectasy pills.

Meaning of O.G.

O.G. means: Derived from “Orginal Gangsta.” A term referring to a real gangster, not one of the “many wanna-be’s posing” out there. The term was popularized by old school rapper Ice-T in his song "O.G." back in the 90's. The term then gained commercial notoriety.  Lyrical reference: O.G. - ICE-T (Album: O.G. Original Gangster, 1991) 

Meaning of G/Gee

G/Gee means: Shortened from Gangster or OG (Original Gangster). Used as a greeting between gang members ("Yo, G, what up?"). Used in a derogatory fashion by members of other races or non-gang members.

Meaning of IDIOT PILLS

IDIOT PILLS means: Idiot Pills is slang for phenobarbital.


GORILLA PILLS means: Gorilla Pills is slang for phencyclidine.


SLEEPY PILLS means: Sleepy Pills is slang for phenobarbital.

Meaning of a G

a G means: 1. $1,000 2. a gangster

Meaning of gangster

gangster means: marijuana

Meaning of OK

OK means: Original Gangster.

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Meaning of PETER

PETER means: Peter is slang for a safe, till, or cash box. Peter is slang for a prison cell.Peter is slang for the witness box in a courtroom. Peter is American slang for the penis.Peter is slang for to become exhausted, to run out, to fail.

Meaning of SKIPPY

SKIPPY means: Skippy is American slang for a male homosexual.Skippy was American army slang for a female prostitute.

Meaning of happen

happen means: Adv. Perhaps, maybe. E.g."Happen it's going to rain this afternoon." [Northern use. Dialect]

Meaning of classy

classy means: High-class, tasteful. Portia Radclyffe is too classy to take out to a diner.

Meaning of pill

pill means: A basketball. Throw me the pill; I have a shot!

Meaning of snot rag

snot rag means: Handkerchief.

Meaning of snowblowing

snowblowing means: Snorting tubes of cocaine.

Meaning of STEM

STEM means: Track or right-of-way

Meaning of bimbo

bimbo means: a pretty, but empty-headed, young lady

Meaning of NUYGLA

Meaning of IINSUYJ

Meaning of OUGIOREU

Meaning of EERTOYKOA

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