Slang GOD’S MEDICINE means

GOD’S MEDICINE means: opium

What is the slang definition/meaning of GOD’S MEDICINE?

GOD’S MEDICINE means: opium

Meaning of GOD’S MEDICINE slang

Slang: GOD’S MEDICINE means: opium

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GOD’S MEDICINE means: opium


GOD−BOTHERER means: God−botherer is British slang for an excessively pious person.


ADDICTION MEDICINE means: Addiction medicine is American slang for psychiatric treatment used to treat people who suffer from an addiction.


BLOOD MEDICINE means: Blood medicine is American slang for alcohol.

Meaning of Medicine hat

Medicine hat means: not a particular breed, but a particular color – unusual pinto pattern where the base of the horse is white, but the ears and around the entire top of the head is brown, black or roan; horse looks like he has a tight cap on. Legend has it that Native American tribes, especially Plains tribes, called the spot a "Medicine Hat" or "war bonnet.".

Meaning of GOD’S DRUG

GOD’S DRUG means: morphine

Meaning of GOD’S FLESH

GOD’S FLESH means: psilocybin

Meaning of GOD’S FLESH

GOD’S FLESH means: psilocin

Meaning of god

god means: The authority, boss, or person with full responsibility; also descriptive of a pilot’s prowess (“He’s an ACM god”)

Meaning of The Hat

The Hat means: Medicine Hat, Alberta

Meaning of god's medicine

god's medicine means: Opium

Meaning of Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine means: Bad news.

Meaning of MD

MD means: Doctor of Medicine -or- Managing Director

Meaning of Bissy

Bissy means: cola nut. It is sometimes dried and used as a medicine for various ailments

Meaning of quack

quack means: someone who cheats people by claiming to have special knowledge, especially in medicine

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Meaning of GEEZER

GEEZER means: Geezer is slang for a man.Geezer is slang for a confidence trickster's victim.Geezer is slang for an injection of a narcotic drug.Geezer is American slang for a heroin addict.Geezer is Irish slang for a cat.Geezer was early th century American slang for a drink of whisky or strong liquor.

Meaning of HAVE IT OFF

HAVE IT OFF means: Have it off is British slang for sexual intercourse. Have it off is British slang for to fight.Have it off is British slang for to be successful.

Meaning of dump

dump means: Noun. 1. An act of defecation. 2. A squalid place. {Informal}Verb. 1. To defecate. 2. To finish a relationship with someone. E.g."She's feeling miserable and unloved. David's just dumped her."

Meaning of LLS

LLS means: Laugh Like F**k or Laughing Like F**k.

Meaning of fugly

fugly means: An unattractive person. Contraction of "Fucking ugly!".

Meaning of grogan

grogan means: Derogatory term for any person who is unclean or morally corupt. (ed: sounds suspiciously like somebody doesn't like somebody else! We get a lot of that!).

Meaning of roundhead

roundhead means: Circumcised penis.

Meaning of 81

81 means: Water

Meaning of BUT/ BOOTY

BUT/ BOOTY means: 1- When a crew or group of people rush the door or gates of a party without paying. Bum meaning person with no cash, rush meaning forcing there way in. 2- A person getting jumped/ beat up by a group of people.

Meaning of AULTIP

Meaning of ZEUGLIZ

Meaning of BYOCISEX

Meaning of VAOWIINYA

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