Slang HARD CANDY means

HARD CANDY means: heroin

What is the slang definition/meaning of HARD CANDY?

HARD CANDY means: heroin

Meaning of HARD CANDY slang

Slang: HARD CANDY means: heroin

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Meaning of CANDY

CANDY means: Candy is slang for heroin. Candy is slang for cocaine.Candy is slang for a dose of LSD taken on a sugar cube.Candy is American slang for a type of dark heroin from Mexico.

Meaning of HARD CANDY

HARD CANDY means: heroin

Meaning of hard candy

hard candy means: Heroin

Meaning of candy

candy means: A code word for sex.  "I went to Jaquilla's house last night and she gave me some of dat candy"  2. A code word for the club drug known as ecstacy.  "Where did you buy that candy that you had at the rave last night?" 

Meaning of Gobstoppers

Gobstoppers means: The expression is thought to originate in the nautical practice of placing a grapeshot in the mouth (gob) of an over-talkative ship's youngster. The term refers to a large, round, hard candy, known as jawbreakers

Meaning of candy

candy means: An extremely good looking guy or girl. What a nice couple! They are pure candy.

Meaning of candy raver

candy raver means: Young people who attend raves; rave attendees who wear candy jewelry

Meaning of Candy Man

Candy Man means: Named after Sammy Davis Jr.'s famous song, the "Candy Man."

Meaning of candy floss

candy floss means: n cotton candy. The revolting foodstuff one can buy at fairgrounds which resembles a giant blob of fibreglass wrapped around a stick.

Meaning of GYM CANDY

GYM CANDY means: Gym Candy is slang for any anabolic steroid.

Meaning of Moroccan candy

Moroccan candy means: [ majoun (Arabic) is candy laced with hashish , sold in Morocco, Afghanistan] hashish. See hash

Meaning of hard

hard means: N, Adj, V. A person who is tough and rugged; can fight well.  "Tye know how to fight, damn he hard!"  2. An erect penis.  "I stay hard in my math class cause my teacher so hot."  3. Good sex.  "I hit that hard last night." 

Meaning of HARD NUT

HARD NUT means: Hard nut is British slang for a tough, uncompromising person. Hard nut is Australian slang for a hard to break horse.

Meaning of ROCK CANDY

ROCK CANDY means: Rock candy is Black−American slang for diamonds

Meaning of CANDY BLUNT

CANDY BLUNT means: Candy blunt is slang for a joint soaked in codeine.

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GARDEN GNOME means: Garden gnome is London Cockney rhyming slang for comb.

Meaning of GREM

GREM means: Grem is Australian slang for a novice or incompetent surfer.

Meaning of JILL OFF

JILL OFF means: Jill Off is slang for to masturbate (of a woman).

Meaning of SQUEEZER

SQUEEZER means: Squeezer is slang for a pimple.

Meaning of chunder *

chunder * means: Noun. Vomit.Verb. To vomit. E.g."I just made it to the toilet before I chundered." * [Orig. Aust.]

Meaning of pee off

pee off means: To make angry, mad. Why are you peed off with me? I didn't scratch your fender.

Meaning of Duke Of York

Duke Of York means: Cork

Meaning of dough

dough means: Money. That old douche bag does whatever his wife tells him to do.

Meaning of JUIGRA

Meaning of UOTIYTS

Meaning of YODSUIDS

Meaning of CIADISHIK

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