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BOAT means: PCP

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BOAT means: PCP

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Slang: BOAT means: PCP

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Meaning of Row

Row means: A method of moving a boat with oars. The person rowing the boat faces backwards, bringing the blade of the oars out of the water and toward the bow of the boat. They then pull the oars through the water toward the stern of the boat, moving the boat forward.

Meaning of Sea Boat

Sea Boat means: Ship's boat kept ready for immediate lowering while at sea. When used for life:saving, it was called an "accident boat" or lifeboat.

Meaning of Yawl

Yawl means: 1. A ship's boat resembling a pinnace, but somewhat smaller, usually with four or six oars. 2. A small sailing-boat of the cutter class, with a jigger. 3. A small fishing boat

Meaning of Way Enough

Way Enough means: Order given to a boat's crew when going alongside under oars. Denotes that boat has sufficient way, and that oars are to be placed inside the boat.

Meaning of Leebow

Leebow means: In sailboat racing, to disturb the wind of a windward boat by positioning your boat a bit ahead and to leeward. If done correctly, the disturbed air hitting the windward boat will slow it down, leaving it at a distinct disadvantage and causing it to tack away with a loss of speed and distance

Meaning of BANANA BOAT

BANANA BOAT means: Banana boat is slang for a ship or boat transporting immigrants from the Caribbean.

Meaning of Out of Trim

Out of Trim means: Sails that are not properly arranged for the point of sail that the boat is on. The sails may be luffing or have improper sail shape, or the boat may be heeling too much. These conditions will slow the boat down.

Meaning of BOAT

BOAT means: Boat is slang for phencyclidine.Boat is British slang for big shoes or boots.

Meaning of Lying Ahull

Lying Ahull means: A boat that is letting herself be subjected to prevailing conditions without the use of sails or other devices. Lying ahull is usually not preferred to other actions because a boat may tend to lie with her beam to the waves and the wind parallel to the waves. This can cause a boat to roll excessively and even become knocked down.

Meaning of BOY IN THE BOAT

BOY IN THE BOAT means: Boy in the boat is slang for the clitoris.Boy in the boat was th century slang for the navel.

Meaning of Broach

Broach means: To spin out of control and capsize or nearly capsize; The turning of a boat broadside to the wind or waves, subjecting it to possible capsizing; a turning or swinging of the boat that puts the beam of the boat against the waves, creating a danger of swamping or capsizing; loss of steering. A knockdown.

Meaning of Tiller

Tiller means: A bar or handle for turning a boat's rudder or an outboard motor, thereby steering the boat.

Meaning of Guard Boat

Guard Boat means: A boat which makes the rounds of a fleet at anchor for security purposes.

Meaning of Fly Boat

Fly Boat means: Fast boat used for passenger and cargo traffic in fairly sheltered waters.

Meaning of Run Aground

Run Aground means: To take a boat into water that is too shallow for it to float in, i.e: the bottom of the boat is resting on the ground.

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Meaning of GROOVE

GROOVE means: Groove is slang for an enjoyable situation or experience.Groove is slang for to experience a sensation of well−being, to feel in−tune with one's surroundings.Groove is British slang for a facial scar.


THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND means: Three sheets to the wind is British slang for very drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of fuckable

fuckable means: Adj. Sexually desirable.

Meaning of rocking horse *

rocking horse * means: Noun. 1. Sauce as in ketchup, the condiment. 2. Sauce as in cheek, impudence. * Rhyming slang on sauce.

Meaning of break

break means: To leave. I have To leave. now; it's time to break (out of here).

Meaning of piffins bridge

piffins bridge means: The Piffins Bridge is the area of no mans land betwixt the very back of a mans scrotum and his anal sphincter. Which is of generally no use at all.

Meaning of Stevedore

Stevedore means: A man employed in loading and unloading vessels

Meaning of UTHYAD

Meaning of AOGLUAV

Meaning of WHAYLSEI

Meaning of NUOGAOKAY

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