Slang CROSSROADS means

CROSSROADS means: amphetamine

What is the slang definition/meaning of CROSSROADS?

CROSSROADS means: amphetamine

Meaning of CROSSROADS slang

Slang: CROSSROADS means: amphetamine

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CROSSROADS means: amphetamine

Meaning of crossroads

crossroads means: Amphetamine

Meaning of derbenny

derbenny means: Derbenny is interchangeable with derbrain It may have something to do with Benny of Crossroads being such a twat and thus a good thing to call someone.

Meaning of SILENT COP

SILENT COP means: Silent cop is Australian slang for a small concrete marker set in the middle of a road or crossroads to direct the flow of traffic.

Meaning of Boozehag

Boozehag means: A person who frequents gay bars. Use humorously or with derisive intent. ("Meet you at Crossroads as usual, you boozehag." or "They open at noon for the boozehag crowd.").

Meaning of benny woman

benny woman means: Describes a male who is getting very angry i.e. "throw a benny" (calling them a woman annoyed them even more). Probably derived from a none to bright character called Benny on UK soap "Crossroads".

Meaning of benny

benny means: Noun. 1. A tantrum, a fit of anger. See 'throw a benny'. 2. A person from the Falkland Islands. A nickname given to islanders by the British army during the Falklands War, and supposedly as they looked like a character called Benny from a British TV soap called Crossroads. [1982]

Meaning of benny

benny means: Stupid or excessively thick person. Also said when someone does something regarded as stupid. (2) get very angry i.e. "throw a benny". Two theories (so far). : (1) derived from a none to bright character called Benny on UK soap "Crossroads" (2) from the 1960's speed derivative benzedrine, commonly known as bennys. Hence "to have a benny fit" etc. If you've ever seen someone who's had too much billy, the meaning becomes obvious. (ed: we await the inevitable argument )

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Meaning of ATTER

ATTER means: Atter is Dorset slang for after.

Meaning of HIGH AS A KITE

HIGH AS A KITE means: High as a kite is London Cockney rhyming slang for intoxicated, drunk (tight).

Meaning of Papers

Papers means: Someone who is on parole or on probation  "I don't smoke weed- I'm on papers. " 

Meaning of twocker, twok, twoc

twocker, twok, twoc means: Originally meant car thief, often 'ram raider' or 'joyrider' (from police term Taken Without Owners Consent) but eventually just meant anyone a bit dodgy, as in "he's a bit of a twocker, but he's alright".

Meaning of Shagadelic

Shagadelic means: Cool; Cool person

Meaning of Translators

Translators means:   Secondhand apparel, especially Boots.

Meaning of kerfuffle

kerfuffle means: a noisy dispute, a commotion

Meaning of OASOAP

Meaning of YIGROER

Meaning of AGLAYWUA

Meaning of SHUYVUJUE

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